Sunday, July 20, 2014

Délice en miniature

When artist Joey Versaw set out to create the latest version of his doll character Mary Magpie, the first 3D printed fashion doll, he was envisioning the multiple possibilities that this technology afforded him. How about creating Mary Magpie not only as an eleven and half inch doll but also issuing a miniature version, as small as the vintage Dawn doll by Topper is?

And so the mini version of Mary Magpie was born. At her reduced size, Mini Mary is also hand painted by Mr. Versaw, a painstaking process when one considers that her head is less than an inch wide. Boasting molded shoes in the style of vintage doll goddess Bild Lilli, Mini Mary is ready to wear many fabulous fashions created by Mr. Versaw or borrowed from Dawn's closet.

Yet, the fun of Mini Mary does not stop at redress. Boasting a wardrobe of 3D printed wigs in a myriad styles and colors, Mary does more that just look pretty in a different fashion. With a white pompadour wig, Mini Mary becomes Marie Antoinette. What fun! What versatility!

To prove the point, Dolldom's editors dressed Mini Mary in a new gown by fashion maven Liz Cole, whose Retros label packs our editorial closets. In a gown of verdant green to match Mini Mary's hand painted eyes, Mini Mary acquires a different persona by virtue of her wig change.

You be the judge!

Mini Mary welcomes you to her wig party in a shantung silk and tulle cocktail dress by Retros and her original bob style wig.

Falling in Love Again? A bit of Miss Dietrich, perhaps?

Maleficent? Could be!

Lauren Bacall? Absolutely!

No More Cake! Just petits fours for this lady of the court.

Coquettish Charm! The side buns impart a playful attitude.

1940s Fantasy. This deep red wine up-do has a sensational widow's peak.

Romantique. This side-parted style with cascading curls is pure 18th century elegance.

Waving Away! The Undulation Marcel gives off a decidedly 1930s vibe. Shades of Mrs. Simpson?

For more on Mini Mary visit her at her fabulous boutique

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Operation: Action Hero

What to do when the man doll arrives with a factory flaw? A rubbed spot from paint not yet dry. Find someone with an airbrush? Or go bold and have the man doll flocked à la Action Man and G.I. Joe? Dolldom chose the later to impart a "Men's Club" Trent Osborn doll (from the very last Gene Convention hosted by Integrity Toys) with the vigor and life force required to excel as Monolithic Studios man's man.

The idea of giving Trent a full head of flocked hair is not new as at the aforementioned convention, Alain Tremblay, marketing wiz at Integrity Toys, created a limited (ninety-one) number of Trent Osborn dolls flocked by him. Named "A Man's Do," the dolls were only available for purchase at Mr. Tremblay's flocking seminar at the Gene Marshall 15th Anniversary Celebration Convention in June 2010.

Mr. Tremblay went all out and did what is know in the business as electro-static flocking. No flat glued-on flocked fibers for Trent, no! Mr. Tremblay gave Trent the look of vintage G.I. Joe - fresh out of the box and a signed certificate of authenticity. Sadly, Integrity Toys does not produce Mel Odom's Gene Marshall anymore. What to do?

Ray Cairo of Flock Concepts is the man to go in the USA for professional electro-static flocking. Although primarily serving the G.I. Joe/Action Man community of collectors, Mr. Cairo also accepts commissions for other types of action figures that are in need of hair help.

Dolldom wishes to thank Mr. Cairo for his professionalism, incredibly fast turnover, and exacting hand. Thanks to Flock Concepts, Trent Osborn is able to escape a life of cap and hat wearing and be a full-fledged action hero type!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Mood Violet

A golden voice in an imperfect world born.  Violet Waters, the famous jazz star, was celebrated as such in her country, yet much more revered in Europe. Her story is not unlike the lives of many of other talented artists such as Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Lena Horne who faced great challenges and triumphed by the sheer force of their artistic gifts and resolve.
Violet Waters joins Gene Marshall and Madra Lord once again as the reigning beauties of Monolithic Studios thanks to the collaboration of artist Mel Odom and JAMIEshow Dolls. In her "Satin Doll" iteration, Violet is perhaps at her most gloriously exquisite.

For this Dolldom exclusive feature Miss Waters, in all their "Smooth-J" resin gorgeousness and non-toxicity, poses wearing some irrefutably memorable fashions and hair designs. The past and the present meld to offer dollectors a gift of beauty, unadulterated and enjoyable playtime, and of course, music.

Special Appearance. Violet Waters wears her very first gown and her trademark orchid.

The gown, designed by José D'Saenz, is delicately beaded in iridescent sequins and pearls.

At Radio City Music Hall, Violet enchants in "Evening Sunrise" designed by Tim Kennedy. Violet's wig is by Ilaria Mazzoni for Time of Doll.

Spring Offering. Violet wears "Jonquille" and desgin by Integrity Toys first issued for Madra Lord. Dolldom believes that on Miss Waters, the look evokes a more exquisite flower. "Phoenix" wig cap by JAMIEshow Dolls.

Chanson d'automne.

Violet wears the classic "Autumn Lace", one of many gowns produced by Ashton-Drake for the famed singer.

Mystère. Violet appeared in the Jean Cocteau film Les passe-temps terribles along with Trent Osborn. Her wardrobe was designed by DAE Originals. In this still from the film, Miss Waters models "Simply Smart" in rich chocolate brown.

What A Swell Party! Monolithic Studios' stars unite to wish studio chief Reuben Lilienthal a happy birthday. Miss Waters intones the customary song in "Twilight Rumba" designed by Doug James.

Transatlantic Voyage. In "Mood Indigo" designed by José Ferrand, Miss Waters boards the Queen Mary with her band. First stop: Paris, City of Lights!

Once in Paris, a wonderful new look: :"Undulation Marcel!" Rooted wig cap by JAMIEshow Dolls.

At sunset. A serenade.

In "Sunset Serenade" created by Integrity Toys, Violet sings of golden love.

Bloom Boom! Violet Waters was asked to model "Garden Party", a Deborah Silva design inspired by Jacques Fath, at a fundraising luncheon benefiting Central State College's scholarship fund, where her father was a literature professor.

Freshwater pearls by VJT Designs.

Danseuse. Miss Waters poses for a publicity still wearing "Dance with me" designed by Lynne Day and produced by Ashton-Drake. Her wig is by Ilaria Mazzoni for Time of Doll.

Living Sculpture. Miss Water's elegance and poise make Integrity's "Main Feature" gown a real main feature. Wig by Ilaria Mazzoni for Time of Doll.

Les cocktails. Violet dons designer Timothy Alberts' sensational "Crème de Cassis" at a press conference to announce her singing engagement at Café Carlysle.

Wig by Ilaria Mazzoni for Time of Doll.

At home. For an intimate soirée with friends, Violet celebrates in Retros' golden wonder, designed by Liz Cole. Retros also designed the cocktail hat. Miss Waters' golden peacock necklace by Joy Jarred. Wig by Ilaria Mazzoni for Time of Doll.

Heading Home. Violet visits her home town in a design by Studio Commissary host  Michael Basala. Wig by Ilaria Mazzoni for Time of Doll.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Natural Man

Summertime... and the living is easy. Longer days and shorter eves, mostly warm, sometimes surprisingly cool, lead fashionable gentlemen outdoors to seek contact with the elements. Since in fashion as in nature, it's only the fittest who survive, these styles transform and adapt to meet the demands of any urban jungle.

Dynamite Girl's "All American" Auden is Dolldom's resident botanist. He heads out to classify ferns in a light wool vest and cuffed shorts and an off-white cotton short shirt.

For evening, Auden may button up, add a bow-tie and join his colleagues for shots of single malt whiskey at the local pub.

Summer is not the time to grow a beard.

A good haircut is de rigueur. No time to waste fixing one's locks. 

The cordovan leather boots add a retro touch to the Auden's style and anticipate the look for fall footwear trends. 

Darius Reid is Dolldom's resident ornithologist. As such he gets up at dawn and heads into the forest while the sun is waking up. To ward off the early morning chill, he wears his "High and Mighty" faux skin coat with satin lapels.

 Once the sun begins to warm the land, Darius will study the flight patterns of hawks in well-fitted jeans and a cotton shirt with attached cravatte.

A shaven head benefits from protection from the sun. A cap is a good idea even amidst the branches of centenary redwoods.

As day turns to eve, Darius will meet a bird of beautiful plumage for dinner. Style and function is provided by these elegant two-tone lace-up shoes.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Artist's Proof

Vintage Skipper had many detailed fashions. Some were girl versions of her sister Barbie's most iconic looks while others were original designs that reflected the interests of a girl in the mid 1960s. One activity never portrayed was an artist's get-up. Following the sentiment of our previous "What If...?" post, a vintage titian Skipper doll from 1965 models Retros' version of the never produced artist's fashion.

Skipper's smock is made of vintage print fabric. Her turtleneck striped sweater goes over sparkly black knit cigarette pants.

Her perky felt beret is classic French style.

Liz Cole also created the paint palette and brush miniatures so that Skipper can indulge in her artistic impulses.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

What If?

What if Mattel had...? 

Vintage Barbie collectors often dream of having a magic lamp just so that they may go back in time and implore Ruth Handler or Charlotte Johnson to please consider making... And if we listed every vintage Barbie doll and fashion ever dreamed, the list would never end.

Although we are still waiting for the creation of H.G. Well's time machine in order to realize the previous desire, it is still possible, thanks to the talents of many a gifted artist, to enjoy the beauty of....

A Color Magic Skipper....

Who, along with her Color Magic sister, goes to an enchanting evening ball in beautiful-because-they-are non-matching-gowns yet still be color coordinated and make sure that no one doubts that they are the fairest ones of all!

Dolldom darling Sylvia Campbell creates a sensational green silk satin beaded wonder following the pattern and design of the Japanese exclusive soft pink gown.

Skipper gives new life to one of Barbie's vintage originals, fitted to her little girl figure by the talented e-Bay seller cvcbarbie. Skipper's Color Magic face-up, flip and decorative braided headband are the masterful achievements of Gilly Gals.

There you go dreamers of what-if-Mattel-had! Sometimes wishes do come true!