Sunday, July 30, 2023

The Look of Goro

Goro Tachibana (second from left), younger brother to Wataru, is one of those almost mythical dolls of which dreams are made. As part of first generation Licca-chan's storyline, Goro expresses boys' sartorial styles at the very end of the 1960s, and as such, is a proud exponent of Mod style. Goro's fashions, created by Takara, invariably feature short pants, sometimes with a tie, sometimes with suspenders, sometimes with a jumper, sometimes with overalls, but always, always -  shorts, for Goro was after all, a kid, and long pants seemed to have been the purview of older boys like Wataru.

For this end-of-July-2023 feature, Dolldom celebrates the joys of being Goro Tachibana with an exploration of his style as only LeRetroz can do it. From space exploration to hanging out with Gumby and Pokey, LeRetroz's creations delight with their pop-culture references and tongue-in-cheek humor.

LeRetroz's fashions Goro his first pair of long pants in emerald green velvet to go with a colorful turtleneck. Yeah, Baby! 

L'artist! Goro paints Licca-chan's portrait in a classic look pairing black slacks, a horizontally striped red and white turtleneck, and the necessary wool felt beret. Will Licca be as delighted as we are when she sees Goro's version of her? Licca's dress also by LeRetroz. 

Double the fun! The Tachibana twins hang out with inseparable friends Gumby and Pokey in colorful shorts (yes, cool for summer!) with suspenders and short sleeved knit tops. 

Space: The Next Frontier! 
Goro plays that he is not lost in space in LeRetroz's imaginative space suit featuring 3-D printed helmet, glasses, and laser flashlight. But who are the inhabitants of this planet? Vintage Funny Fringes, of course.

Best Beyond Meat Burger? Check out Big Goro's! LeRetroz's pays tribute to this icon of the fast food world with a fabulous interpretation of the red-checkered overalls and logo t-shirt! 

Tachibana Brothers - your Bay Area source for the best vintage sports cars! Making San Francisco proud, the Tachibana twins model their car dealership looks by LeRetroz. 

Dolldom thanks LeRetroz for their generosity of spirit and never-ending dedication to the creation of what does not exist in the doll world. If it were not for LeRetroz, Dolldom would not have as much fun! 

Saturday, July 15, 2023

Susie's 20th

When a groundbreaking doll has an anniversary, Dolldom celebrates. As RND's Susie's 20th approached, Dolldom met with the ever handsome and energetic Rudi Teruel to talk all things Susie

Our editors also gathered to create a fantastic photo tribute featuring a vintage  chocolate haired "Riviera Breeze" Susie in all of her monochromatic fabulousness and this year's sensationally blonde "Susie: Fashion Night Out" using elements from the latter's amazing fashion and pieces from Integrity Toy's Poppy Parker's wardrobe.

Happy 20th Susie, darling!

Dolldom: How much was Susie inspired by Takara's Jenny? For example, is Susie's body an evolution of Jenny's Super Action Body?

Rudi Teruel: *Very much so… we knew we wanted articulation for her and not so overtly sexy body… but that of a late teens modelesque gal. And Takara’s SAJ bodies were the closest.

Dolldom: Who sculpted Susie's head? Is she related to your resin Angels by having the same sculptor?

RT: Same sculptor but no relation at all to each other. We offered each doll as totally separate lines.

Dolldom: Was Susie produced and manufactured by the same factories that did Integrity's Fashion Royalty?

RT: Yes!!! In the beginning, through our friendship with Jason Wu (whom we have known since his early college and Barbie doll collecting days!) we got into contact with Integrity Toys’ Percy Newsum - a very nice man. We were able to work out the details, the money issues, and everything else that is needed to get her rolling…. And the first few years of Susie were produced by the same factory.

Dolldom: A year after Susie's debut, Momoko joined the doll world. Was there ever a connection? Same question for Poppy Parker.

RT: None whatsoever…. We were just lucky enough to have been able to share Susie at the same time as some of my fave dolls: Momoko, AZONE dolls, VOLKS dolls, Annz, Jenny, and Poppy Parker!

Dolldom: Susie traveled all over the world just like you. What other elements of her character mirror yours?

RT: Love for travel is the biggest trait of hers we made sure is incorporated into her personality.. into her being. And yes, it came for both David Wu's (Teruel's partner) and my love for traveling and other cultures. I have to insist that her sweetness came from me and her love of adventure and confidence from David.

Dolldom: Explain Susie's transition to Integrity Toys' Dynamite Girls line.

RT: After our original Susie molds were lost - the company we were working with in China, without any warnings, closed down and basically ran off with our molds, every molds they had really (some US doll companies’ also, am told. All was lost…. I was depressed for a good couple of years…. Then Jason Wu, one day, during one of our talks, suggested we bring her back…. It seems they still have the original head sculpt which could be used to produce the heads…. And we decided and agreed on having her join the Dynamite Girls, Electro Pop Series. Worked closely with David Buttry as to what her look would be. With both of us being big fans of Nanie Amuro (Japanese Pop Idol) we knew she would be the inspiration. At this point, I knew I did not want to do regular releases…. Am too tired to make it a full-time job once more…. I went back to my original ideas of producing her now and again…. Not to do it for the money but for the love and fun of sharing what we love.

Dolldom: Explain Susie's transition to production by JHDFASHIONDOLL.

RT: After a couple of Susie releases under the Dynamite Girls group, it came to light that IT just had their hands too full…. And then COVID happened, and everything changed in the world…. Doll world included. Then JHD Toys’ Mizi line debuted and it turned out that the producer and designer of the Mizi line, who also happens to be named Jason, is familiar with Susie and RND Dolls. And in fact, have an affinity for her, as well. After a few talks via e-mail, we agreed on releasing a Susie now and again. In late 2020 / early 2021 we released our first Susie with JHD Toys, “Susie: The First Time”. This was followed by "Susie: In The 80’s” in the Fall of 2021. This year, marking Susie’s 20th birthday in July, we are releasing “Susie: Fashion Night Out”.

Gold chainmail dress by Francesca Pigliapoco for Lotus Dolls. 

For more information on Susie and all of RND's exclusive and fabulous offerings, visit their page.

Saturday, July 8, 2023

Lush Life

"I used to visit all the very gay places,
Those come-what-may places,
Where one relaxes on the axis,
Of the wheel of life,
To get the feel of life,
From jazz and cocktails."

The first stanza of the Billy Strayhorn classic leads Dolldom in this new explorative fantasy of the cocktail hour. Back in 2010, we celebrated the moment with the sweet-as-red-vermouth entry Classy Cocktail Talk: Stirring a Moment of Happiness.

Filled with the splendor of days gone by and redolent of mid-century aesthetics, this Summer of '23 gathering of very special models in very special fashions will hopefully lead you to add another touch of glamour to your own five (or four, or three) o'clock celebration. Solo or in the company of other lounge lizards, may your lush life moment be joyfully intoxicating.

Our first arrival! A platinum-tressed Retro Charisse by iconic Mikelman in the black-lace-over-turquoise-silk "Mademoiselle". 

Hildy makes her entrance! One of Joey Versaw's characters from his innovative Pulp Dolls line, resin Hildy features a shorter and fuller silhouette. Coat by Integrity Toys. Dress by Versaw. Wig by Monique. 

Something sparkly, please! Devastatingly beautiful Fanfan by Nav Sikand is a lovely vision in her navy tulle sparkler. 

Who said mannequins may not enjoy a little Pernod? Vivette by DAE Originals does in her beaded black linen sheath by Marirose. 

Mike Buess' Fabiola is in! Her Endangered Sissy mini muumuu dress. Fabiola's fabulous hairstyle is a sensational 3-D printed wig by Joey Versaw.

Who's that girl? It's Evoni by Roger Haack in a ultra-glam mini by Tania Lawrence. 

Miss Mary! Joey Versaw's bombshell in her "Abduction" iteration is seductive in a Tania Lawrence dress. 

An experienced lounge-goer, Genevieve by Japanese doll maker Cragston is the epitome of elegance in a James Bogue silk suit and Swiss dotted net hat. But, who's that playing mixologist? 

It's the inimitably seductive Lilli Lalka by Julian Kalinowski in his reinterpretation of "Atelierfest". We'll take any libation by her!

Last but not least, a vintage Nancy by Bella arrives in a Robert Kaufman metallic linen magic dress by mega-talented Toy Twirls (aka Mode de M). 

Now the cocktail lounge is packed with glamour pusses the world over!

And like Dorothy Parker's "Big Blonde" would utter: "Here's mud in your eyes!"

"Romance is mush,
Stifling those who strive.
I'll live a lush life,
In some small dive."