Saturday, March 26, 2016

Young Lovers

The King And I - "Hello Young Lovers " by Rodgers and Hammerstein

Hello young lovers, wherever you are
I hope your troubles are few
All my good wishes go with you tonight
I've been in love like you

Be brave, young lovers and follow your star
Be brave and faithful and true
Cling very close to each other tonight
I've been in love like you

I know how it feels to have wings on your heels
And to fly down the street in a trance
You fly down a street on the chance that you'll meet
And you meet -- not really by chance

Don't cry young lovers, whatever you do
Don't cry because I'm alone
All of my memories are happy tonight
I've had a love of my own

I've had a love of my own, like yours
I've had a love of my own

Paris Fashion Doll Festival "Classic Black Dress" Silkstone Barbie Fashion Model Collection
Mad Men Ken in Barbie Fashion Model Tuxedo
Gown by Integrity Toys
Necklace by VJT Designs


Joey Versaw's world of dolls keeps on surprising Dolldom for its imaginative energy, precision of realization, and above all unique beauty. For this late March entry, Dolldom is honored to showcase Mr. Versaw's Galactic Mary Collection, featuring two new sculpts. Inspired by this cosmic ladies we accompany the photos with the lyrics of Blondie's "Dragonfly".

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen of Earth and all native intelligences
of the forty planets, satellites, moons, stars,
and any other inhabited orbs
with contestants entered in the annual Grande Trex,
the only inter-galactic race.
This year's event promises excitement to surpass all previous races.
As many of you fans already know the route or track of the orbits, glides, etc.
has been increased by 5,000 million kilometers
thus enabling Grande Trex to include the B'Arc System,
in our present event and for all succeeding GT races!

Dragonfly Dragonfly
Strike and fight

Laser light shot tonight
Target nullified
Gyro subdivide

Latitude longitude
Solid substitute

What's a drag race? Can't you see those dragons
Speeding up the street
But I learned they weren't real
Figments of the ancient fear

Rapid scan radians
For the chance
To win the Grande

Maneuvers preprogramme
Won't operate

Negative bearing swell

Dragons fly they symbolize in myth and saga breathing fire
Look up there's one flying higher
Faster than the SCC
Is science hiding witchery?

Dragonfly rations glide
In free fall slide
System nullify

Satellite dragonfly
Surface launch
Radio silence

The time space tactics saved us then
Display report present, urgent
Sequence counting surface launch
Dragonfly destroying all

Science claiming newest findings
Chanting calling flying dragons
Aboard all systems optimum
Nova scheduled war continued
Half the continental shelf burned by interval

Dragonfly Dragonfly
Beacons aim
Space game

Satellite computerized
Mighty flight
Hypersonic glide

The countdown is minus two hundred (-200)
and I am turning you over to the control room
at command central Sia Lan for the launch.
Good luck to all the racers and especially to our ship Dragonfly;
onward to victory.
(Remember comdirect and radio silence will temporarily be in effect.)

Win the race calibrate
Re-entry place
Multi fail safe.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Belle de Jeu

Luis Buñuel's film Belle de jour is a classic of cinema. Regardless of your opinion on the storyline, the film features the beautiful Catherine Deneuve wearing Yves Saint Laurent. And one of the designs is the ultimate Little Black Dress.

This year's Barbie Fashion Model Collection is based on classic designs revisited. And this famous LBD became part of the collection on dolls issued for Barbie and fashion doll events in Tokyo and Paris.

For this Dolldom feature, vintage fashion maven Liz Retros has recreated the iconic dress and who better to wear it but the hard working "Classic Black Dress" Barbie? Retros' version is based on the Saint Laurent model and features a back zipper closing and a silken Georgette. As a nod the the aforementioned film, Barbie gets to spend her morn playing with her dolls, camera at hand, so she may document her play.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Classic Classic

More than thirteen years ago, before blogs existed, Dolldom published its work in Murat-Caviale's Barbie Bazaar magazine. One of our early projects featured the work of James Bogue, known to many by the name of his brand Bogue's Vogues. It's only fitting that today Dolldom mark the occasion with a revisit to Mr. Bogue's work - this time modeled by the new and articulated "Classic Black Dress" Barbie from The Barbie Fashion Model Collection. The fact alone that this new doll with her more slender proportions can still fit well into Mr. Bogue's allows Dolldom to predict a successful run for this new iteration of the much loved line.

This is the image that captivated many and that Dolldom references below.

Mr. Bogue's Boutique
Bogue's Vogues

Saturday, March 12, 2016

El Santoral de Hoy

"Martirio de Santa Olalla
de Federico García Lorca
A Rafael Martínez Nadal.

Por la calle brinca y corre
caballo de larga cola,
mientras juegan o dormitan
viejos soldados de Roma.
Medio monte de Minervas
abre sus brazos sin hojas.
Agua en vilo redoraba
las aristas de las rocas.
Noche de torsos yacentes
y estrellas de nariz rota
aguarda grietas del alba
para derrumbarse toda.
De cuando en cuando sonaban
blasfemias de cresta roja.
Al gemir, la santa niña
quiebra el cristal de las copas.
La rueda afila cuchillos
y garfios de aguda comba:
Brama el toro de los yunques,
y Mérida se corona
de nardos casi despiertos
y tallos de zarzamora.


Flora desnuda se sube
por escalerillas de agua.
El Cónsul pide bandeja
para los senos de Olalla.
Un chorro de venas verdes
le brota de la garganta.
Su sexo tiembla enredado
como un pájaro en las zarzas.
Por el suelo, ya sin norma,
brincan sus manos cortadas
que aún pueden cruzarse en tenue
oración decapitada.
Por los rojos agujeros
donde sus pechos estaban
se ven cielos diminutos
y arroyos de leche blanca.
Mil arbolillos de sangre
le cubren toda la espalda
y oponen húmedos troncos
al bisturí de las llamas.
Centuriones amarillos
de carne gris, desvelada,
llegan al cielo sonando
sus armaduras de plata.
Y mientras vibra confusa
pasión de crines y espadas,
el Cónsul porta en bandeja
senos ahumados de Olalla.

Nieve ondulada reposa.
Olalla pende del árbol.
Su desnudo de carbón
tizna los aires helados.
Noche tirante reluce.
Olalla muerta en el árbol.
Tinteros de las ciudades
vuelcan la tinta despacio.
Negros maniquíes de sastre
cubren la nieve del campo
en largas filas que gimen
su silencio mutilado.
Nieve partida comienza.
Olalla blanca en el árbol.
Escuadras de níquel juntan
los picos en su costado.
Una custodia reluce
sobre los cielos quemados
entre gargantas de arroyo
y ruiseñores en ramos.
¡Saltan vidrios de colores!
Olalla blanca en lo blanco.
Ángeles y serafines
dicen: Santo, Santo, Santo.

A Little Flip

Flannery, the new 3D-printed fashion doll by Joey Versaw visited Dolldom and loved modeling human hair hard cap wigs by wig master Yatabazah.  Modeling a fabulous bubble dress by Marirose and pair of 3D-printed high heels, Flannery is the epitome of Paris style. And her cat Mitchou could not agree more!

Flannery's Boutique

Monday, March 7, 2016

My Kokeshi

"Classic Black Dress" Barbie goes to Japan just like her vintage predecessor did in 1964. This time she is wearing a kimono by long-time friend Sylvia Campbell. Today, Barbie has been searching for treasures for her collection and luck has been on her side. Barbie is delighted with her vintage kokeshi doll!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Inimitable Ivy

Mel Odom's Gene Marshall inhabits a richly detailed world. Miss Marshall revolutionized the fashion doll market in the mid 1990s with her larger size, abundantly accessorized fashions created with immense attention to detail, furniture, jewelry, and hat sets, even a gazebo. But in all truth, Miss Marshall's world is unmatched by the diverse number of friends and associates that share her adventures. One of these OOAK personalities is Ivy Jordan. Miss Jordan first came into the scene in Mr. Odom's beautiful Gene Marshall, Girl Star published by Hyperion Press. In this entertaining tome filled with illustrations by Mr. Odom and jaw-dropping photos by Steven Mays, a captivating illustration by Mr. Odom appeared - Ivy Jordan. Since then, collectors and fans of the Monolithic Studios gang had been clamoring for her realization in doll form.

 Mr. Odom's protrait of Ivy Jordan

And while Gene was being produced by Integrity Toys, the dream became reality. From her introduction:

"Meet Ivy Jordan, Gene Marshall’s wise-cracking best friend, always one with a punch-line or witty observation. A child of Hollywood with both of her parents in ‘the biz’. Ivy, or “Vee” as Gene nicknamed her, is Gene’s truest friend and closest ally in Hollywood. A character actress with an eye towards directing someday, Ivy Jordan is a girl to watch."

At the beginning of 2016, Miss Jordan made her reappearance after a brief hiatus this time in her JAMIEshow ball-jointed, smooth resin form. Needless to say, "Heart of Hollywood"  Ivy Jordan was an instant sell-out.

Dolldom ponders on the characters attributes that pull so adeptly at our collective heartstrings. Is it her more angular features? Her prominent nose? Her bedroom eyes? Or the fact that she is such a perfect recreation of Mr. Odom's artwork? What gives, really? Ivy Jordan is Ivy Jordan and she stands tall in this exclusive Dolldom feature.

Smart Girl Ivy wears"Smart Set" designed by Doug James and produced by Ashton-Drake.

I Love Ivy!

In her Bogue's Vogues period perfect shirtdress with full skirt, Miss Jordan is the perfect comedienne. Wig by Time of Doll.

Miss Jordan is also a dramatic actress. Wig by Time of Doll.

It's Witchcraft! In a dress by Diane Charles using a pattern created by Randall Craig, Ivy is spellbinding.

Ivy plays a modern day witch who marries a mere mortal. Audiences love it. Wig by Time of Doll.

Chez elle...

When in the mood for music, Trent heads to Ivy's Pacific Palisades retreat. Restyled wig cap by Kathy Johnson.

Miss Jordan is a director too. For a meeting with producers, Miss Vee (as she is called by her friend Gene Marshall) wears "V for Tea's"sober salt and pepper tweed! Wig cap by JAMIEshow.

Hat by Michael Basala.

When in Mallorca...

Ivy enjoys the classic Spanish beach resort in a recreation of a Théatre de la Mode design by Gerry Broerman.

Premiere! Flashbulbs galore!

Miss Jordan is unadulterated glamour in the Integrity-produced "Fringe Festival"

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Le chic

How to define it? Some have it, some don't. Flannery, the new 3D-printed fashion doll by Joey Versaw certainly does have chic. A lot of it. Recently, Flannery visited the Dolldom studios for several projects and as she was photographed with her ingenious reversible 3D-printed wig, Dolldom's editors suggested a session wearing human hair hard cap wigs by wig master Yatabazah.  Modeling BFMC's "Classic Black Dress" and pair of 3D-printed high heels, Flannery is the epitome of chic. Even her cat Mitchou agrees!

Flannery's Boutique

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March of Dames

March beings at Dolldom with a celebration of the handmade beauty of the Séverine doll. Painted by hand, her hair hand styled, and her fashions handmade, the Séverine doll is a very couture creation.

First off - The Sév Files!
There have been reports of alien sightings. Séverine's lips are sealed. Suffice it to say that her dress by Liz Cole for Retros is sufficient documentation on Séverine's encounter of the third kind.

Then there is The High Priestess. Dressed for a ceremonial procession in a terrific gown by Rosina Haskell, Séverine's expression reveals her spiritual connections to higher powers.

We close the show with a golden touch: La Bionda. Séverine sports golden tresses and a gold and orange (what an intoxicating palette) cocktail dress by Debbie Farne Sang. Necklace by VJT Desingns.

For more information on Séverine, visit her boutique.