Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cooler Cool

Cooler weather calls for adaptable classics that will allow the wearer to face the changing climate as well as to look forever well dressed - even in a decade's time.

To prove the point, Dolldom's editors styled JAMIEshow's "Havana Nights Alejandro" in what they believe is a fall fashion classic. Can't you see Cary Grant or Clark Gable wearing it too? Granted, Alejandro's chiseled features do impart a good measure of tough-dude attitude, but the look is timeless.

The peacoat is from DAE Original's Monty "Shore Leave" fashion, the slacks and sweater are by Tonner Doll Company. And the jaunty cap is from Doctor John Littlechap's golf fashion.


This fall, make a point of staying warm and looking cool.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Happy Day, Gay!

It's Gay Carrington's birthday! And Dolldom celebrates her day. Miss Carrington, may your day be filled with gaiety and love.

For these photos, Miss Carrington chose a Liz Cole hand beaded design in peach satin, StrayCat bangle and earrings, and vintage Puerto Rican maracas.

¡Feliz cumpleaños, querida Gay!

Her friends Abbé Lane also wears Retros by Liz Cole, Marlena wears a combo of RDG skirt and JAMIEshow blouse, and Lee wears a combo of Ashton-Drake and Tonner Doll.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

All Hallows' Eve

All Hallows' Eve at Monolithic Studios!  The stars of Mel Odom's universe gather for a Halloween party that promises to produce many a grand photo op for the adoring public. The mood is festive and the costumes are nothing but vintage Halloween glamour. Modeled by the resin, ball-jointed models manufactured by JAMIEshow Dolls, the designs, handmade by Liz Cole for her Retros label, serve as proof of the artistry, creativity, and expertise of the Seattle designer.

Violet the Sorceress!

Slinky and ever so blue. Jewelry by Joy Jarred.

Miss Waters' coif by Ilaria Mazzoni for Time of Doll.

Oona's takes on The Addams Family

It's her turn to play Morticia! Wig by Ilaria Mazzoni for Time of Doll.

Oona is ready for her moonbath. Necklace by Joy Jarred.

Devilish Madra

Burning hot in a figure hugging pant set, La Lord is sexiest devil of them all!

Glamourous Witch

Red and black and sparkly! For no one said that flying on a broom had to be anything less than fashionable. Hair by Ilaria Mazzoni.

Miss Marshall ("Phoenix" model) is as sweet as a Red Hot and black liquorice.

Enjoy a glamorously spooky vintage Halloween 2014!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Lush Life

Les rêves d'un garçon's newest model, Liya, makes her Dolldom debut. Reminding us of many beautiful women, Liya has an evocative sculpt that is expressive while still retaining a pensive quality that makes the dollector want to contemplate her for hours long.

In Chewin's silky hard cap wigs, Liya models RDG's newest fashion rave: the slim brocade skirt in jewel colors. Paired with Superdoll's bustiers for the Abbé Lane dolls, Liya is ready for her daytime and evening activities.

Liya's daytime look...

Liya's evening look