Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Three Faces of Mary

It's officially summer for Joey Versaw's Mary Magpie doll debuts her trilogy of styles for 2017. Ranging from Superhero to vintage bridge tally card lovely, the Summer 2017 collection is bound to please Mary Magpie collectors as well as seduce those who have yet to fall under her spell.

Magnificently crafted by Mr. Versaw out of synthered nylon via 3-D printing, each Mary Magpie doll then undergoes a hand painting process that is artistic, detailed, exact, and above all, a pure expression of Mr. Versaw's drawing and painting style. Many collectors find it hard to believe that the dolls' face-ups are not executed using templates and air brushing. As such, the Mary Magpie doll marries advanced computer graphics and printing processes and the old age art of hand painting a doll's features.

"Bronzed in Beauty"

Mary Magpie shines as a strong and powerful superheroine. Her sculpted body suit is also 3-D printed and then painted by Mr. Versaw. Her articulated body guarantees plenty of action heroine poses.

"Birthday Cake"

"Birthday Cake" is Mr. Versaw's innovative vision of a 25th-century Marie Antoinette. This amazing creation comes with two birdcages with tiny little canaries and 3-D printed shoes. Her face-up palette is as luscious as a display of macarons at Ladurée.


Based on vintage bridge tally card art from the 1930s, redhead finger wave Mary sports a delightful print romper with removable green blouse.

Each style is a limited edition of five.

Mary Magpie's Boutique

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Head and Heart

The evolution of independent artist Joey Versaw's work continues to amaze Dolldom for the innovative nature of its concepts as well as for the dedication to producing a superior hand painted and styled doll.

New for the summer of 2017 is a line of vinyl beauties using the immediately popular Flannery head sculpt previously seen as part of Mr. Versaw's 3-D printed doll collection. An accompanying male doll featuring the Gum head sculpt make up the fantastic A Little Head collection.

Limited to editions of twenty dolls per wave, each style will have a different look and design. The first one, inspired by the late eighties early nineties, is titled "Killer Splash" and will be followed by a beach-themed wave and then by a rhinestone cowboy wave. A total of eight waves will complete the collections offered using these two head sculpts. With only one hundred Gum heads and one hundred Flannery heads broken down to five colors, only twenty of each color are available per character, making each doll very limited and collectible.

For this Dolldom exclusive, a "Bombshell Brunette" Flannery shows off her undeniable character and beauty. She also exemplifies the joy of doll play.

To inquire more about A Little Head or to purchase your own, visit Mr. Versaw's boutique.

In a LBD designed by Bill Greening for Barbie, Flannery is all attitude.

A diaphanous jumper is a modern evocation of a delicate bloom.

Mod-inspired in Francesca Pigliapoco's chain link mini dress, Flannery defines the golden standard.