Saturday, June 19, 2010

Retros Wins Dolldom's Award of Excellence

Dolldom celebrates life deluxe in a smaller scale. Yet, there are times when we have to flex our own rules and be amazed by those who actually enjoy la vie de luxe in all scales possible. Such is the case of Liz Cole, head designer and doyenne of Retros, the celebrated Seattle fashion empire that has been delighting us for many years now. 

 The mood is über-cool in Seattle’s hippest atelier de mode. The music is conga-rich, mambos by Pérez Prado saturate the air. The reception area boasts a Tiki bar desk, 50s Moderne furniture, poodle plaques on the walls, and a phenomenal flying saucer ceiling lamp. It is in this eclectic and electric environment that the Retros look is conceived.

 Liz, who embodies Beauty & Glamour in all aspects of her life and infuses everything her magic fingers touch with that inebriating essence, is of a simple and powerful philosophy:  

Embrace our fashion past as best we can. 

By learning to eschew trends and run away from all that is cheap and mean, Retros creates a timeless and ever relevant style that makes all mouths water.

Retrograde mentality you say? Nothing father from the truth. Retros is the opposite of old fashioned. It is a vibrant and current fashion energy that gives life the charm and chic of an idealized time that exists in shiny perfection in the fertile mind of its creator.

 Retros is a world where lounge lizards hang out with Bleuette and BJD giants, all united by their unique sense of style and impeccably constructed fashions. From spooky knit sweaters to cocktail lounge singer gowns, Retros offers something for all. 

And that includes your home too. Darren Cole, head designer of furniture and a respected authority in mid-century design, crafts gorgeous suites of chairs, sofas, tables, and bars that turn any box into a style palace.  
“Frankly, what can be better than a dress that is hand stitched, cut to fit like a glove, and made out of dead stock or  unique vintage fabric? Is there anything out in the market? Anything with the same degree of precision, panache, and wit?” 

“I love the references and tongue-in-cheek humor, in a way it reminds me of Betsy Johnson couture." 

“A doll feels liberated in a Retros original. She can dare to be different, to break free from the mold, to be naughty and haughty and still be clad in a perfectly constructed and lined garment." 

 I take immense delight in all the little extras and the attention to detail that make me feel like the exuberant star of a 50s B-movie.” 

 “A girl need not take fashion so seriously or allow current political correctness to come in the way of looking one’s best. After all, a curve is a curve is a curve. If you have them, flaunt them!”
“Do you think we fashion dolls do not have fun?

Fashion is not only about fund raising events or black and white galas. It is about the stuff that makes life good, marvelous, cool… like a barbecue and drinks with your friends or going to a reading of Beat Generation poetry. And for those special moments, there is Retros. 

Drop by any time as Retros is open 24-7! 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Legacy of A Fashion Queen

It was 1963 when Mattel issued the Fashion Queen Barbie doll in a fabulous gold lame swimsuit and turban set. Most shocking was the sculpted head of brown hair that begged to be covered with any of the three synthetic fiber wigs that came with the playful new model. We at Dolldom love to see these distinguished fashion icons wearing the turban and the ingenious swimming cap issued with Miss Barbie in 1964. Why? The wigs, although fun, when improperly styled, can make a woman look, well, fake.
Today, ladies enjoy the luxury of natural fiber wigs that come from animals such as humans or goats. Yatabazah, peruquier to the stars of Dolldom, knows very well that fit and scale can make or break the deal. As Persia Idols Habanita and Carla show us, the right wig not only enhances but also allows the woman to change her identity in order to meet the exigencies of real life.
Habanita au naturel
Habanita and Carla model an Alexandre de Paris wig most commonly seen on Dheei.
Although beautiful,  the scale, shall we confess, can be overpowering. 
 Now in Yatabazah's human hair Mensonge...
Habanita wows us...
and Carla makes us salivate.
In Yatabazah's baby mohair wonder,
Habanita reigns supreme, 
and Carla owns the place.
The lingering question for us all now is: How would a Fashion Queen Barbie look in Yatabazah?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MforMonkey Designs for Wataru Tachibana

Licca Chan's boyfriend, the ever-dashing Wataru Tachibana, was in dire need of a new wardrobe to enjoy his summer advetures. So he hopped on his plane and went to Barcelona to get the very best in fashions for the elegant young man. María Yepes, designer of the fab label MforMonkey, created a superbly tailored set of four mix and match pieces that gives Wataru sartorial options galore.

Wataru wears MforMonkey's plaid Bermuda short and black cotton shirt. The hat is vintage Premiere for Ken.

Wataru enjoys the high quality of these sur mesure garments made with exactitude and flair by the super friendly and accommodating María.
 The black cotton shirt is paired with black and a baby blue tweed pair of slacks for evenings of casual fun.

Mad Men style. In his vintage Premier straw hat and Dragons in Dreams aviator sunglasses, Wataru combines his slacks with a baby blue cotton shirt with comfortable short sleeves.  

Bermuda elegance! Thanks to MforMonkey, Wataru wears a 1960's styled set that looks masculine and well-groomed at all times of day. Tammy's camera is a must for photographing the sites. Reading glasses are vintage Judy Littlechap.

We at Dolldom salute this young Argentinean designer and hope to see more of her designs modeled by other denizens of this magical realm.