Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Come Fly with Me

Back in November 1927, when Charles Lindbergh was all the rage, Bleuette dreamed of crossing oceans and having fun in the air. With such fantasies in mind, the French magazine La Semaine de Suzette published a pattern named Bleuette Aviatrice.

Thank you to The Bleu Door for publishing this and many other patterns and providing them to collectors the world over.

Come Fly with Me by ernestopadrocampos
Come Fly with Me, a photo by ernestopadrocampos on Flickr.
A 6/0 Bleuette reproduction by Suzanne McBrayer wears Liz Cole's version of this unique outfit.   Notice the detailing on the helmet and goggles as well as the heft and texture of the brown fabric.

Here's to our little adventure seeker. Thank you Retros and Bisque Beauties for these wonderful recreations of Bleuette beauty.