Thursday, December 26, 2013

Something About Mary

2013 saw the debut of Mary Magpie, the very first digitally printed fashion doll created by artist Joey Versaw. Dolldom, always in the pursuit of the handmade and of the retro-inspired, was immediately smitten with this bodacious babe that comes out of a printer. How could we not? Not only can she wear Mr. Versaw's creations, she is also the perfect model for vintage Barbie clothing. And in so doing, Mary Magpie brings a new way to interpret the creations of the ever beloved Charlotte Johnson.

For this Dolldom end-of-year exclusive, three different Mary Mapie models wear sheaths - one of the staples in vintage Barbie doll's closet.

Mary's expressive sculpt and Mr.Versaw's always inspired face painting give the world of fashion dolls a genuinely original vision and a real sense of direction with new freedom to choose your basic model's make-up and wigs.

Blue Moon Mary Magpie with dark chocolate Bettie wig wears jewelry by Joy Jarred and a recycled fur stole by Liz Cole.

Purely Platinum Mary Magpie transforms (and is queen of haughty) in a coal noir Bettie wig. The arched eyebrows have it.

A Eurasian Mary Magpie? Absolutely! Dolldom could not do without an Anna May Wong-inspired Mary Magpie doll! Mr. Versaw's precise hand gave her pencil thin arched eyebrows and the sexiest pout to date. Her coal noir bob wig is minimal and so elegant. Perfect doll. Forever doll.

Mary Wong models a classic black organza cocktail sheath by Bogue's Vogues and a purple cherry pearl bracelet by Joy Jarred.

Red delights and makes mouths water. Marirose's mastery comes across loud and clear in this revision of vintage Barbie's "Pak" silk sheath.

Vintage Barbie Golden Girl's sheath is found easily these days. Why not redress your Mary Magpie in this jewel of a dress? The Japanese fabric is heavy and luxurious and the tiny zipper is a miniature miracle. Add a recycled fur stole by Retros and pearls and champagne diamond necklace by Joy Jarred and voilà you have perfection in doll medium.

For more on Mary Magpie, visit her at Mary Magpie. Better yet, join in the many collectors who have welcomed Mary to their collections and visit her store. Then join the Mary Magpie community on Facebook.  Have fun with Mary Magpie!

Monday, December 23, 2013


'Tis the season! Dolldom celebrates once again the magic of winter with an exclusive portfolio of special moments that can only take place during many of the season's celebrations. Dolls, toys, and beloved Christmas tree ornaments all hold a place of honor all around the home. 

To melt the frost...

"Phoenix" Gene Marshall by Jamieshow models an exclusive design by Vince Nowell, a gift from Dolldom friend Travis Kaller. Her coiffure is a hard cap wig by Italian artist Ilaria Mazzoni for Time of Doll.

SFBJ 301 reproduction Bleuette made by Raven Dolls in Seattle, WA, wears a reproduction dress by Global to visit Santa's Village.

Santa on the Moon! Happy little guy (a reproduction by Back Porch Friends) basks in the light of early morning.

A portrait with her new old doll. "Just Another Dreary Day" Agnes (restyled hair) wears "Stone Cold" to show us her beloved baby.

Vintage Japanese Elf makes a safe landing.

When the weather outside is frightful...

A golden gown is the perfect way to warm the room. A OOAK Mary Magpie (the first digitally-printed fashion doll) by Joey Versaw models a Luke Wilmoth reproduction of a Japanese market Francie doll gown.

Come on to my house! High above a vintage goose feather tree lives an elf...

Snowflakes, falling...

Little Snowflake Princess. Mary Magpie in the new 6 1/6-inch size is a most delicate miniature that shows the artistry and vision of her creator, Joey Versaw. The Dawn-by-Topper-sized doll has molded Mary Jane shoes and many options of tiny digitally-printed wigs to change her look. Dress by Liz Cole for Retros.

Winter Elegance. A Vintage American Girl Barbie doll wears "Pak" satin separates in baby pink and silver glitter.

Her wintery make-up features full buttercream lips, a look only reserved for some dolls from 1964-1966.

Happy snowman (reproduction cotton batting ornament by Back Porch Friends) swings the morning away.

Mountain High!

Mel Odom's White Orchid Gene Marshall, produced by Jamieshow, and Trent Osborn pose on the set of the much anticipated comedy Ski and Sky wearing outfits produced by Ashton Drake.

New Year's Eve! To welcome 2014, a 7 1/2-inch Hong Kong Lilli and her companion wear Retros by Liz Cole.

To evoke the festive spirit of the holiday season, Katana by Superdoll models a Retros day dress and jewelry by Joy Jarred.

Sunny and cold. Just perfect for Mrs. Frosty.

Judy and Libby Littlechap are ready for a winter stroll in the woods in their colorful coats. Dolls and outfits manufactured by  Remco, circa 1962.

Sartorial masterpiece. Trent Osborn defines New Year's Eve masculine elegance.

Gala Gown! The best galas are enjoyed in the Land of Make Believe. Silkstone Barbie Fashion Model designed by Robert Best arrives at the ball as a promise of Spring.

All That Glitters. A vintage Number Three Ponytail Barbie wears the festive "Dinner at 8" ensemble, designed by Charlotte Johnson, to accompany Ken (in Saturday Night Date) to Midge's tree decorating party.

A pretty little dog celebrates her second Christmas!

This winter extravaganza ends with Tyler Wentworth in a vintage-inspired gown by James Bogue and jewelry by Vince Tibavido.

May you and yours enjoy the magic of winter.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Hair Heaven

Sometimes, a doll needs a master's touch. Factory styles may have the best intentions, but execution may leave a bit to be desired. From scale to flyaway strands, the factory style may in fact be the kiss of death for a potential superstar.

Kathy Johnson's fame as stylist to the stars reached Dolldom's ears and through a bit of networking, her magic fingers came to save a bevy of models that had lingered uncelebrated due to their mess of tress.

In this exclusive, Dolldom celebrates the elegant hairstyle as envisioned by Kathy Johnson. A paragon of scale and painstaking attention to detail, this fashion staple has every curl perfectly formed and every chignon tightly gathered. If a mythical star asks for a more elaborate vision, this one too will delightfully soothe the most acutely affected obsessive-compulsive. Such is the talent of Mrs. Johnson.

With not a single strand out of place,  Kathy Johnson's tours de force are bound to redefine hairstyling standards for many collectors.

Jeweled Cat Madra Lord is the quintessential mannequin de mode in the signature Kathy Johnson chignon with curl. Is there anything that she cannot model?

A bouquet of platinum curls substitutes the chignon in this delicate style for Lone Star Convention Gene Marshall lingerie doll. The epitome of femininity.

Viva Italia! Chi è la bella donna?

It's Fringe Festival Ivy Jordan in a versatile style that will take her from cappuccino to Campari effortlessly. Dress and Enid Collins bag by Retros.

The Jamieshow wigcap receives the Kathy Johnson treatment. Inspired by Vertigo's Madeline Elster's famous style, this platinum wonder transforms White Orchid Gene from brunette vamp to angelic ingenue.

Marlene? Yes, the Goddess herself!

Kathy Johnson's styled Madame Alexander's Shanghai Express' model in the mythical star's late 50s look. Brava!

The show closes with Tawny Gene Marshall. The suntanned star sports the signature curl and chignon style. We ask our readers to consider her utter chic: the sporty look of sun kissed skin plays foil to the classic chignon in a deliciously unexpected mix. Earrings by Joy Jarred.

Visit Kathy Johnson for more of her stylish creativity.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Basic Luxury

Gene Marshall, the doll star that brought back freedom of play to adult fashion doll collectors, once again goes basic. The basic, as opposed to the dressed doll, is meant to be dressed and redressed, wigged, and yes, even repainted. Dolldom is happy to welcome JAMIEshow's White Orchid Gene Marshall. Mel Odom's Gene doll's return (thank you,  Norma Desmond) in resin allows the entire fashion doll world, once again, to enjoy play.

In this exclusive feature,  White Orchid Gene Marshall is a true-to-form basic doll and transforms via dress and wig to exemplify, not only the beautiful essence of the fashion doll, but also the sheer exquisiteness of a truly luxurious doll.

Mel Odom and JAMIEshow's approach is wise - not one of the three Gene Marshall dolls issues so far (Phoenix, J'adore, and now White Orchid) have the same exact visage. Subtle differences make each issue unique. In the case of White Orchid, the right glancing gaze immediately calls attention. An evocative sky blue eyeshadow adorns the upper eyelid and a very subtle transparent wash covers the brow bone. Yet, more eye-catching is the change in lip shape, as White Orchid boasts what Dolldom would qualify as the ultimate Gene Marshall pout. Haughty? Perhaps. Different? Sure. Dramatic? Absolutely! To illustrate the point, Dolldom asked Miss Marshall to model several well-known fashions and costumes produced by Ashton-Drake and infuse new life into these classics. Clearly, the hard cap wigs of Italian artist Ilaria Mazzoni of Time of Doll, make these transformations much more dramatic.

Dolldom commends Mel Odom and JAMIEShow for offering basic doll luxury with White Orchid.

In "Stolen Moments", designed by José Ferrand, and Ilaria Mazzoni's blonde pompadour, White Orchid gives Barbara Stanwick a run for the money.

Friendly Connection? Yes. In this George Sarofeen design, White Orchid is mannequin de mode supreme.

Screen test. White Orchid poses for the camera in "Afternoon Off", designed by Doug James.

Time of Doll's perky Louise Brook's bob allows Miss Marshall to incarnate Joan of Arc in "Spirit of Truth", designed by Eryn Machnica.

Gala Gal. The mythical "Holiday Magic" ensemble is the perfect vehicle for White Orchid to test hairstyles for several upcoming projects. In Time of Doll's "Red Waves", she is simply spectacular.

 In JAMIEshow's pale blonde wigcap, as restyled by Kathy Johnson, she is positively a Hitchcock heroine.

In Phoenix's updo wigcap, White Orchid reveals her haughty pout.

In Time of Doll's "Curls on Cascade", it's all about unabashed glamour.

In Time of Doll's raven beehive, White Orchid cuts an imposing figure.