Saturday, October 30, 2021


Back in the 1970s, any designer worth their salt had a signature logo, a ubiquitous trademark that firmly established the fashion brand as a household word. Such a tradition remains present these days in fashion lines such a Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Gucci, whose initials have become graphically iconic and almost universally identifiable. 

Virtual Doll Convention's Grace is on trend with her latest outfit-of-the-month, created by Ruby Red Galleria. An essential piece for fall and winter, the "Iconic G" knit dress gives a playful nod to the 1970s and to fashion brands that transcend fads. The deep lavender woven leather bag, also by Ruby Red Galleria, adds a fantastic touch of color to the powerful black and white combo. And of course, Grace wears another staple for fall and winter: tall boots in supple black faux leather by Facets by Marcia. Grace is ready for cool weather days. 

For this Dolldom exclusive, Grace invited her friend Rayne to hang out with her and they had a grand time. Rayne's leopard tube dress by LizRetros finds the perfect pair of short boots, also in faux leopard,  another hot item in Grace's Boutique

It's time for cozy and fabulous. 

Virtual Doll Convention's Grace Boutique

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Calling Occupants

Back in the 1960s, when the prospect of space exploration filled puerile imaginations with the immensity of the universe, toy manufacturers did not take long to produce fanciful lines that brought extraterrestrial life forms to the hands of thunderstruck tots. In 1967, the Mini-Martians, by Swedlin and sold exclusively at Sears, made their appearance.

In1969, Mattel debuted the Kozmic Kiddles...

Nostalgia feeds the heart and any grown-up 60s kid still entertains the thought of having their very own close-encounter of the third kind. Which is why, with Hvala Dolls' Mi  a new space odyssey has begun!
PJ Nox, creator of Hvala Dolls and Mi explains: "Mi is an 11-inch collectible art doll whose mission it is to explore the far reaches of identity (human and otherwise) in a seriously playful manner. Mi (pronounced Mee) is made of laser-sintered nylon with joints at the neck, shoulders and hips. Mi is strung, with ball joints at the shoulder that enable the arms to rotate front to back and sideways. Legs and head have basic rotation. Mi’s head is removable, making it easy to swap different styles you might collect. The doll can stand on its own."

Mi immediately struck a chord with Dolldom and became a beloved denizen, albeit one who is most often spotted taking notes on our behavior, calibrating intergalactic travel instruments, and measuring spatial options for traversable wormholes, all while being quite chic in their OOAK clothing, also by Hvala Dolls. 

For those interested in connecting with Mi, the next preorder is scheduled to start in November. Those who are interested can contact Nox now through Instagram, or at

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Tale of Two Women

Inspired by the classic game Clue, the "Framed" Miss Mary and Monday by Joey Versaw take a dark turn when the two heroines are framed for murder.

Visual references to the game's characters abound: with a smart and timeless curled updo, Miss Mary wears a long red satin slip dress to represent Miss Scarlet, emerald green high heel pumps do the same for Mr. Green, a long beautiful lace and tricot robe replicates Professor Plum's eponymous color.

Monday Maven wears a vintage mustard gold tinsel floor length skin tight gown to represent Colonel Mustard, a gorgeous white fur coat with gold trim to represent Mrs. White, a pair of deep blue high heels that evoke the presence of Mrs. Peacock.

Original jewelry completes the looks: a silk choker with a crystal skull cameo for Miss Mary and a gold chain necklace sporting a vintage cameo for Monday. One set of face plates convey strength and self awareness while the second set expresses the heartache the world has wrongly bestowed upon them.

With box art by Darko, Miss Mary and Monday will also include clues that lead to the real murderer in hopes that they can be freed from being wrongly accused.

Monday, October 18, 2021

All of My Heart

Love, love, and more love. Only love. Selfless. Devoted. It's a Gay love. Love to Gay. To the one and only Gay. Gay Carrington.

On her birthday, October 19, Dolldom wishes the iconic Miss Carrington stars and sparkles of joy, health, and peace.

Dolldom adores you!

Fan-made Gay Carrington doll repaint by Vincent Anthony Repaints
Hair and eyelashes by Pink Bubbles Doll Spa
Gown by Integrity Toys
Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent are all innate to Gay. 

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Monday, Monday, So Good to Me

Monday mornin', it was all I hoped it would be...

And so sang The Mammas and The Pappas who perhaps anticipated that, on October 11, 2021, Joey Versaw would give collectors the ultimate Monday: Malibu Monday

Monday is made from luxury resin and boasts two hand painted (one open and one closed mouth) faceplates, windswept “Venus” hard capped sculpted wig, two piece swimsuit, day-glow magenta sleevelets, handkerchief cut tricot beach wrap skirt, turquoise blue high heel pumps, and a towel featuring the box art created by super star illustrator Brani Mladenov of Branimagination. 

It's Malibu Monday Monday! Get your Malibu Monday today!

It's Malibu Monday Monday!