Saturday, October 23, 2021

Tale of Two Women

Inspired by the classic game Clue, the "Framed" Miss Mary and Monday by Joey Versaw take a dark turn when the two heroines are framed for murder.

Visual references to the game's characters abound: with a smart and timeless curled updo, Miss Mary wears a long red satin slip dress to represent Miss Scarlet, emerald green high heel pumps do the same for Mr. Green, a long beautiful lace and tricot robe replicates Professor Plum's eponymous color.

Monday Maven wears a vintage mustard gold tinsel floor length skin tight gown to represent Colonel Mustard, a gorgeous white fur coat with gold trim to represent Mrs. White, a pair of deep blue high heels that evoke the presence of Mrs. Peacock.

Original jewelry completes the looks: a silk choker with a crystal skull cameo for Miss Mary and a gold chain necklace sporting a vintage cameo for Monday. One set of face plates convey strength and self awareness while the second set expresses the heartache the world has wrongly bestowed upon them.

With box art by Darko, Miss Mary and Monday will also include clues that lead to the real murderer in hopes that they can be freed from being wrongly accused.

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful dolls by Versaw. I love the photos in the wooden box, they evoke the claustrophobia one might feel when an unsavory role is projected onto them by society, and there seems to be no upward mobility after this wrongful accusation. That's my interpretation. On a technical note, you've captured the rich coloring and textures beautifully.