Saturday, July 25, 2015

Styles by Chewin

Chewin Gallapa is first and foremost a doll collector. Known for his fantastic doll repaints, the artist has also created a solid reputation with his innovative hard cap wigs and highly detailed fashions for ball-jointed fashion dolls.

For this Dolldom feature, JAMIEShow's Havana Night's Lee and Alejandro model Chewin's well-tailored styles and perfectly fitted wigs in this mid-summer tribute to classic menswear.

Lee is styling in "Kemthong's" pinstripe lined cotton jacket and summer weight wool pants.

A cool light pink cotton shirt and red silk bow-tie complete the look.

Lee sports Chewin's "Spoke" wig in black.

Chewin's "Rung-Roht" fashion evokes fall with its subtle autumnal palette.

A black cotton knit vest may be worn also on its own with a pair of jeans.

Alejandro is even more handsome in Chewin's "Mai Khao" wig in black.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dressed to Kill

Dolldom enjoyed the visit of two sensational Superfrock creatures earlier this week and our photographers benefited from the opportunity to record the super lush togs that they would be wearing at the BHX Superfrock/Superdoll event in Beverly Hills.

Styled by owner and Dolldom friend Jeremy Austen, Solitaire and February - vinyl princesses of über glam- are ready to rock the catwalk.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Before Lisa Fonssagrives posed for Irving Penn, Miss Gene Marshall, star exquisite of Monolithic Studios and darling of the high fashion milieu modeled for Dolldom's photographers this past June 1951.

In a harlequin-print sheath by Bogue's Vogues, Mel Odom's "Black Lipstick" Gene Marshall (luxuriously manufactured in grey tone by JAMIEshow Dolls) regales her fans and fashion aficionados alike in this exclusive photographic portfolio.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Smooth Operator Cowboy

Trent Osborn's ready for a new kind of western, one in which the cowboy trades his boots for shiny patent leather lace up shoes and in which, in his silk satin get-up, he romances up a storm. No one is immune to his Marlboro Man charms in his sensational Retros suit

The following wardrobe test flicks show Mel Odom's handsome Mr. Osborn in his latest iteration produced by JAMIEshow dolls for the company's Le Jazz Hot Convention. Sporting a good amount of salt and pepper on his hair, the forever attractive star of Monolithic Studios is a testament to the benefits of a good eating and exercise regime.

For more on Liz Cole's unique doll fashion creations, visit her boutique.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Silver Screen Queen

Mel Odom's Gene Marshall turned 20 earlier this summer and later had quite a fantastic celebration in Chicago at JAMIEshow's Le Jazz Hot convention. On Saturday, May 23, 2015, a tribute to Mr. Odom's iconic Gene took place and to the surprise and delight of everyone who attended, JAMIEshow unveiled the exclusive "Black Lipstick" Gene Marshall doll. Created in grey tone resin, "Black Lipstick" celebrates Miss Marshall's legacy as Silver Screen icon.

For this Dolldom exclusive, "Black Lipstick" models fashions confectioned in black and grey colors and rooted wig caps styled by Kathy Johnson.  Never had color photography been so beautifully silvery.

"Black Lipstick" models a raven wig cap by JAMIEshow and a superbly fitted black velvet and silk gown.

"Black Lipstick" is ready for drama  Integrity Toy's "It's a Cinch" and a raven wig cap restyled by Kathy Johnson.

The classic "Lucky Stripe" designed by Tim Kennedy and produced by Ashton-Drake always compliments Gene's figure. Restyled wig cap by Kathy Johnson.

Madame Alexander's "Betrayal" gown is perfect with JAMIEshow's tribute to the Marcel Wave.

Noir Dream...Gene is nothing but in "Personal Secretary" also designed by the brilliant Tim Kennedy and an Ann Harper wig by Tonner Doll Company.

The Star hides...

In Brenda Starr's "Evening Noir" dress and a cocktail hat by Liz Cole for Retros, Gene cuts the ultimate figure of elegance in black.

Long live the Queen of the Silver Screen!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Séverine's Silent Movie

Julian Kalinowski's Séverine doll made a movie. Way back in 1968. With a wardrobe designed by Juliet Whorton of Dangerousdames Lounge fame. The film got lost but these stills survive. Care to tie them together into a storyline? Dolldom and Je suis Séverine invite you to do so by posting it in the "Comments" section at the bottom of the page. A select anonymous jury will select a winner who will receive a beautiful trousseau for the Séverine doll designed by Tania Lawrence.

Thank you for your creative participation!

Still One

Still Two

Still Three

Still Four

Still Five

Still Six

Still Seven

Still Eight

Still Nine (Last One)

Monday, July 6, 2015


Dolldom's photographers share some candid vignettes from a recent modeling session featuring Julian Stanislaw Kalinowski's Séverine dolls.