Thursday, November 5, 2015

Ah! Men!

Fashion dolls. Ball jointed dolls. Male dolls. JAMIEshow Homme. Handsome sculpts that portray men of many races. Engineered to pose without a stand. And this new edition "On Michigan Avenue" boasts sculpted wig caps featuring masculine styles.

Although they are issued as basic dolls, the current "On Michigan Avenue" Tatum and Alejandro come in styling organza embroidered shirts, versatile cotton slacks, socks, and yep, beautifully constructed patent leather lace-up shoes. In this Dolldom feature - the first for the month of November - the JAMIEshow men get ready for the catwalk and have fun behind the scenes. At a later date, the fashion show! Stay tuned.

Necklaces by the always-fabulous Joy Jarred.