Saturday, January 27, 2024

What We See Is What We Get

And what we see (as much as what we get) is based on our ability to question how we determine what is real. A doll is a real as its porcelain, resin, vinyl and hard plastic form, and as our powers of make-believe allow. But in some instances, the doll (and their creator) aim to take the experience to a different level and insist that we engage more deeply in the dynamic by asking us to question how we recognize (versus know) what is intrinsically human. 

Anna Egorova's Alexander ball-jointed doll is one perfect example. Perhaps we look at him and react adversely (thank you, Sigmund Freud, for the uncanny) to the segmentation of his body, almost as if we were facing an autopsied body à la Frankenstein's monster. Perhaps we connect immediately with his eyes and sense his sadness (or his serenity) in the same way that we've done with a lover. But ultimately we are with him, using our own tool kit for finding the human traits with which we identify. Some may even take it further, and aim to closely read Alexander just to be able to capture that subtle gesture with which he reveals his intimate reality (thank you, Miguel de Unamuno for el querer ser). And then, the sky is the limit. 

In this study of Egorova's Alexander, Dolldom invites its readers to partake of the examination of an illusion to hopefully arrive at a revelation of the self. Who Alexander ends up being will be the product of who we are. And who we are will end up being the product of who Alexander empowers us to be. 

Alexander in a resin ball-jointed doll created, hand painted, and wigged by Ana Egorova of Solar Wind Dolls. 

Sunday, January 21, 2024

A Real Heartthrob

In time, what does a sustained collaboration yield? In the case of today's entry that answer is simple: "Heartthrob” Miss Mary!

This new iteration of the luxury resin 12-inch doll is swathed in a print reproducing the very first illustration made by Bulgarian illustrator Brani Mladenov for Mary Magpie doll. Mladenov, over the years, has created iconic artwork to accompany doll artist Joey Versaw's creations.

The dress spells heartthrob with its precise tailoring showcasing Miss Mary's voluptuousness with a black Latex heart cutout neckline. The accompanying faux fur shrug jacket in matching Mladenov print is lined in fantasy leopard rendered in turquoise with yellow spots.To add more fun, the shrug is reversible! A coquettish yellow neckerchief adds extra pizzaz. Matte black stiletto high heeled pumps complete the celebratory look. 

Miss Mary's face up defines glamorous vamp with an amazing combination of ochre yellow eyeshadow, slick black eyeliner, and - hold on to your seats! - black lipstick! Theda Bara for 2024! Versaw will also offer the option of an equally vampish reddish orange lip color. And as it is customary for Miss Mary, she comes with two faceplates and a gorgeous deep burgundy ponytail wig. The Miss Mary to start 2024 is a "Heartthrob"

Preorders for "Heartthrob" open today, January 22 and close on February 16, 2024. Do not miss this chance to own this ultra limited offering by visiting Miss Mary's Boutique. 

For inquiries about Brani Mladenov's amazingly joyful work, visit his Instagram, Facebook and website.

Preorders for "Heartthrob" open today, January 22 and close on February 16, 2024. Do not miss this chance to own this ultra limited offering by visiting Miss Mary's Boutique. 

For inquiries about Brani Mladenov's amazingly joyful work, visit his InstagramFacebook and website.

Saturday, January 6, 2024

Qui êtes-vous, Argigi Doll?

2023 closed with the very discreet introduction of Argigi Doll via Instagram. Limited to an edition of 50 dressed dolls, "Stellar Hue" Argigi Doll, is a veritable dolly delicacy. Dressed in a gorgeously executed rendition of a Pierre Cardin suit from his 1966-67 Autumn/ Winter collection (thanks to Matthew Sky Doll for the reference), Argigi beguiles with her volitive blue-eyes as they peek through the oval opening of her futuristic casque. A jacket made of soft sueded fabric features semi-circular cut-out designs (in reality functional side pockets) that impart a very cool factor over a streamlined sleeveless dress. Short white gloves, brown panty hose and square toe shoes complete this tribute to one of Cardin's most influential looks. 

To capture the ethos of a period as well as "Stellar Hue" Argigi Doll does, one must truly immerse oneself in its authentic documents. Dolldom assumes then that Huguo Ltd., maker of this fresh appearance in the fashion doll world, must be, fist off, a lover of the late 1960s Swinging London and The Space Age, and second, a scholar of the fashion designs that to this day represent a vision of a wonderful yet unachieved future.

Hugo, owner of Huguo Ltd., explains: "I‘ve always loved Mod dolls, so last year I started trying to make one of my own. Her makeup is an amalgam of the unforgettable faces of Brigitte Bardot, Twiggy, Dorothy McGowan, Peggy Moffitt and Veruschka."

Argigi Doll is not only wearing the ethos of the times, she is created in a manner that takes the dollector back in time. Made of a lusciously creamy vinyl in a shade as beautiful as TNT's Barbie doll's, Argigi features five points of articulation plus a twist and turn waist. Her wired bendable arms remind Dolldom's editors of vintage Licca, Wataru, and Goro by Takara, added proof of Huguo Ltd.'s interest in and knowledge of the ways of the period's many developments in fashion doll manufacture. Argigi Doll, as of this writing, does not have a storyline, being presented as a doll would in the 1960s:  an 11.5" fashion doll. Refreshing, isn't it?

For this very first entry of 2024, Argigi Doll models exciting looks, many by some of Dolldom's favorite designers. As you will see, Argigi Doll wore what fit her unique body, as she is an original sculpture. And what could be more fun than a doll that invites you on a journey of fashion play? 

Dolldom thanks Julian Kalinowski, maker of Lilli Lalka doll, for introducing Dolldom to Argigi Doll

Argigi Doll will be released in limited editions that will first and foremost reflect Hugo's predilection for all things Mod. How lucky can we get?

Argigi Doll Website

Argigi Doll on Instagram

A thrift store find kicks off this fashion adventure. Knitted dress with metallic orb skirt for a night of dancing in her PB Factory red hot boots for first generation Licca Chan doll!

She's a singer too in Integrity Toys' silk satin mini dress for Poppy Parker. Forest green boots by PB Factory for first generation Licca Chan doll. 

Endangered Sissy's fabulous mini dress boasts hand beading at the neckline. PB Factory lemon boots for first generation Licca Chan doll.

Triangles and op-art in a mini dress for Poppy Parker by Integrity Toys. White low heels by Takara for first generation Licca Chan doll. 

A Dolldom favorite, SquishTish's mini dress with white collar for a day of fun in London. Hat by Petworks for Momoko. PB Factory  boots for first generation Licca Chan doll. 

Check mate! Graphic impact abounds in Cindy's Barbie Boutique's tribute to the sheath dress. Felt hat also by Cindy's Barbie Boutique. Low heels by Takara for first generation Licca Chan doll. 

The entry closes with a classic: Lotus Doll Boutique by Francesca Pigliapoco's golden chain-mail mini and a glittered cap by Maryann Roy. Red hot boots by PB Factory for first generation Licca Chan doll.