Sunday, August 20, 2017

A Hopeful Type of Girl

La poupée mannequin Anouk continues to expand her world of fashion and fun. Her creator, Mr. Nav Sikand, shared news of her "Series Three" with Dolldom and we could not be happier to present the new and very fashionable "En vacances" collection. The concept is that Anouk, a French girl, in high school in London, is on her first tour of Europe and the clothing and doll designs are meant to evoke the glamour and excitement of her life.

Mr. Sikand explains: "Anouk "Series Three", while continuing in the classic tradition of Anouk as a re-imagining of a 60s toy, also sees a significant updating of the doll. Her sculpt and production remain the same, but her facial screening is very different. Her brows have been darkened and extended considerably. The blues of her eyes are more contrasting. The major change is her mouth, which is a much darker and vivid fuchsia pink. Anouk also has a Bardot-esque pout, giving her a slightly sultry look. Though she remains the charming gamine that all of her fans love. Anouk has two new hairstyles and hair shades: a side-part do and a top-knot ponytail and a new raven black and a platinum blonde with silver highlights. "Series Three" also marks the return of the long-haired Titian Anouk, absent from "Series Two". The black dolls also now sport the new raven shade." 

As for Anouk's message, Mr. Sikand adds: "I feel that in these turbulent times in which we live, there is something very important and appealing about things that remind of a simpler and relatively easier time of life. I try to project this optimism through Anouk and the context in which I present her."

Dolldom agrees that dolls like Anouk can bring enjoyment, solace, and delight to those lucky to collect them.

For more information, please visit Anouk's blog or contact Mr. Sikand.

Nothing like being on vacation. Anouk enjoys her tour of Europe!

"Rome" #0044 is a darling dress. Her rose heart necklace adds a sweet touch.

Time to enjoy nature and a delicious lunch al fresco and capture nature with her camera!

"Pique-nique" #0039 will be fantastic for a day at the ocean too!

Grand monuments from times-gone-by!

In "Sortie" #0045, Anouk is both elegant and comfortable.

A little maritime fun!

"Vacances" #0042 comes with binoculars and white cat eye sunglasses with blue lenses.

Mountain air!

"Helsinki" #0040 with its turtleneck and tights keeps Anouk warm and stylish.

City explorations!

"Cherbourg" #0037is a grand set comprised of coat, dress, and ever so delicate yellow hose and gloves.

Daytime elegance!

"Lycée a Londres" #0041 is classic 1960's style. Anouk is very fond of her silver necklace.

Sophistication in faux fur! Anouk is an animal lover!

"Frissons de Moscou" #0038 is another winner offering options for play and display.

Côtes du Rhône for all!

"Cocktail" #0046 is a must for any occasion requiring black!

Sparkling evening!

"Berlin" #0043 will take Anouk from theater to boîte de nuit!

Miniatures galore!

For more information, please visit Anouk's blog or contact Mr. Sikand.

Friday, August 4, 2017

She's Alive!

Awaiting for the arrival of a new model can take its toll. But Dolldom's editors sure knew that once in the studios, Nightingale Molly Hayward would get to work immediately.

For this end-of-the-week entry, Molly shows of her good bones in an evocation of one of literature's most unforgettable brides. We will stop all commentary at this point and allow you to enjoy the beauty of Nightingale Molly Hayward.

"Creation of life is enthralling. Distinctly enthralling, is it not?"

"To a new world of gods and monsters!"

"She's alive! Alive!"

V.Jhon Doll

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Who Are Those S-Girls?

Their names are Stella, Sable and Sylvain. And they are the newest creation by the master of the hand painted hard plastic doll - Mr. Julian S. Kalinowski. Following the smashing success of his now mythical Séverine doll, Mr. Kalinowski decided to enrich the formula with not one but three new face sculpts that share the same body. The S-Girls are not your run-of-the-mill fashion models and they come ready to challenge our preconceptions of beauty, age, and sexuality.

Mr. Kalinowski explains: “Stella is like a young, happy-go-lucky but unstable Liz Taylor. In her mid 20's. Thick, dark eyebrows, quite naive blue eyes. Always single, Stella can only really connect to gay men. She's an ingénue. A confused character, she is prone to bouts of depression and quite insecure. But she also can be a real laugh, the life and soul of the party. Then there’s Sable. She's Jean Harlow and Carol Baker. In her early 30's. She's glamour, both trashy and elegant. She likes the John Waters look with a good dollop of Mary Vivian Pierce. She's uncomplicated, Elsie from Chelsea. Goodbye Berlin. She's a healthy character who is very happy with her sexuality. She wears Biba, Ozzie Clarke, chiffon, silks, fur, and feathers. Finally, Sylvain! Early 40's. She's Alpha. She’s my idea of a jolie-laide doll. In Sylvain I'm seeing Marlene Dietrich, Anna Kavan, Greta Garbo, and Shari Lewis. Lots of Fassbinder style in her. She's single, perhaps asexual. Maybe she worked in the sex industry as a stripper at some point, but she doesn't like to be touched. Doesn't connect well to people. Needs sleeping pills.”

The new dolls are 1cm shorter than vintage Barbie and feature a brand new formulation of hard plastic with a resin feel that Mr. Kalinoswki compares to bisque. Many of the dolls will feature permanently set wigs such as wavy 1930s looks, side part bubbles, very curly styles, and Louise Brooks bobs with bangs. Like Séverine, the dolls’ hips are bigger than their bosoms. Their molded shoes and well-defined ankles pay tribute to bondage and fetish illustrator Eric Stanton.

Mr. Kalinowski sees this line as totally punk. He explains: “In an age of BJD's and all their sophistication, one could liken these wonderful dolls to the adult oriented rock of the 70's that featured long guitar solos and over-the-top production. The S-Girls, by contrast, are three chords banged out on a cheap electric guitar. Five basic points of movement. Back-to-basics simplicity. The Sex Pistols of the doll world.”

For more information about the S-Girls, contact Mr. Kalinowski.





Sable and Sylvain

Sable and Stella






Fashions by LizRetros, Debbie Farne Sang, Rosina Haskell, Tania Lawrence, Criscrash, Joshard, and Bruno Farfallo pour homme by Lu Bodaczny