Sunday, September 19, 2010

Knitting Dreams with Petit Tricotage

Wendy Ward is happy in candy colors courtesy of Petit Tricotage

Handmade. Yes and absolutely. We live in a time when the return to made-by-human-hands-reality is not only attractive but utterly necessary.

Blythe's memento mori cap by Petit Tricotage is also a radar for good vibes.

Vintage Barbie set the standard back in the late 1950s with the exquisite making of her wardrobe, handmade to be sure by the hands of many talented Japanese ladies. Today, those in the know know where to go to for not only the handmade but for the exclusive and unique.
A Skipper with Color Magic hair is delighted to wear 
Petit Tricotage's signature Lettuce dress.

Petit Tricotage is such a label. Run with zest and humor by the stupendous Margaret Smith, Petit Tricotage supplies the congnoscenti with the very best in knitwear. 

Viktor and Blythe wear Petit Tricotage's memento mori caps.
It's the cap to wear this winter.

From caps for kids (both porcelain and flesh and blood) to flirty dresses with a young and decidedly spiègle vibe, Petit Tricotage offers luxurious items to enrich a doll's wardrobe and life.

Spa Getaway Barbie wears one of several knit 1940s-inspired 
turbans by Petit Tricotage.

These treasures are hand knit with great attention to scale and fit. The knitting is seamless to avoid the added bulk of seams. The fibers selected by Petit Tricotage for the miniature knits are chosen not only for their color and tactile pleasing qualities but also for their scale.

They are knit on tiny needles ranging in size from 2mm to 0.50mm in diameter to allows for garments constructed with stitches to be scaled believably small and in proportion to the dolls who will wear them.

 Two more 1940's turbans impart color and style to the same sober black dress.

But the real sign of an artist is found not only in the technical prowess but also in the poetic expression conveyed though the designs. As the Squiggle cap (modeled by Katarina Carlsson's Myling doll) below proves, it's more than expert craftsmanship that makes a Petit Tricotage garment special. It takes a playful heart to gives birth to such magic.

Fall into Fall in style. Visit Petit Tricotage