Saturday, April 29, 2017

Guava and Lime

It's been a while since Séverine by Julian S. Kalinowski graced the pages of Dolldom. To make up for this absence, the beautiful and curvaceous woman of five hundred faces models a very special designer's work and a very first for her: Mode de M by Mark G. Harris.

Mode de M, known for its beautiful associations of colors, textiles, and vintage notions, has created a mouth-watering concoction for a OOAK (aren't they all?) white haired and pale-lipped Séverine. The ensemble, called "Guava and Lime" is meant to take Séverine from day to evening with just a few adjustments.

The charming and most loquacious Mr. Harris explains: "This chic cocktail ensemble is composed of a strapless silk taffeta sheath and lime green silk dupioni spencer jacket that is self-lined. The buttons are opaque glass embellishments from the 1930's."

"The dress has a built-in hip drape meant to visually flatter Séverine's lush hip proportions." - Mr. Harris adds. Dolldom could not appreciate this detail more, for it you have it, why not flaunt it? A silk pillbox and jewelry from the Barbie Fashion Model Collection and Séverine is ready to take on a day of important appointments. But what about evening?

A quick switch of the spencer jacket for a vintage recycled mink stole by Liz Retros and La Séverine is ready to scintillate all night long.

Dolldom thanks Mark G. Harris' Mode de M for sharing his talent with us. For more information on Mode de M, visit the boutique.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Tweed in the City

2017's Barbie Fashion Model Collection heads back to the atelier. At the very least, this year's line is serving dollectors a well-thought out menu of delights. Starting with the beautiful brunette version of "Classic Black Dress" and now moving into a timeless fashion staple: the tweed suit. "Black and White Tweed Suit Barbie" forecasts an elegantly beautiful spring with its dose of high glam.

The double-breasted jacket and skirt are accompanied by a coquettish and perfectly scaled polka dot bow.

Accessories abound: a white straw hat, golden pearl cabochon earrings, black gloves, black leatherette purse with golden lock charm, and a new shoe design adorned with gold painted chain.

Barbie is a redhead in this iteration. A simple pulled back hair style ends in a short ponytail gathered neatly by a matching hair net.  Barbie's make-up is lush: creamy coral lips and joyful Caribbean cyan eyeshadow complement her brown eyes.

To Dolldom, "Black and White Tweed" Barbie is a total look doll, not unlike its predecessor "Walking Suit" Barbie. But undoubtedly, dollectors will redress and restyle this eye catching, fully articulated beauty.

Black and White Tweed Suit Barbie