Thursday, April 13, 2017

Tweed in the City

2017's Barbie Fashion Model Collection heads back to the atelier. At the very least, this year's line is serving dollectors a well-thought out menu of delights. Starting with the beautiful brunette version of "Classic Black Dress" and now moving into a timeless fashion staple: the tweed suit. "Black and White Tweed Suit Barbie" forecasts an elegantly beautiful spring with its dose of high glam.

The double-breasted jacket and skirt are accompanied by a coquettish and perfectly scaled polka dot bow.

Accessories abound: a white straw hat, golden pearl cabochon earrings, black gloves, black leatherette purse with golden lock charm, and a new shoe design adorned with gold painted chain.

Barbie is a redhead in this iteration. A simple pulled back hair style ends in a short ponytail gathered neatly by a matching hair net.  Barbie's make-up is lush: creamy coral lips and joyful Caribbean cyan eyeshadow complement her brown eyes.

To Dolldom, "Black and White Tweed" Barbie is a total look doll, not unlike its predecessor "Walking Suit" Barbie. But undoubtedly, dollectors will redress and restyle this eye catching, fully articulated beauty.

Black and White Tweed Suit Barbie

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