Saturday, August 17, 2013

Suits Me Fine

Mel Odom's Gene Marshall as produced by JAMIEshow continues to evolve and in so doing enchant collectors and fashion aficionados.  With J'adore, an exclusive dressed doll offered by Fashion Doll Quarterly, Dolldom ensues its exploration and enjoyment of the most iconic in mid 20th century fashion as modeled by this most recent iteration of the famed star of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

J'adore Gene features left side glancing eyes and an enhanced treatment of her eye make-up with high color blue on the brow bone and a touch of gold to the lid. The lips are a deep red luscious and her titian tresses, elegantly coiffed in a chignon wig cap, impart a different feel from the first issue - Phoenix- offered at IDEX 2013 at a special luncheon with Mr. Odom.

Patricia Henry, editor of FDQ, chose to dress Gene in a suit. Miss Henry explains: "I immediately thought of Dior as inspiration for the fashion. JAMIEshow, did, too, so it seemed an organic step to move from Phoenix Gene, a cool blond in ice blue, to J’adore a fiery redhead with a suit to match." Lucky Gene once again is dressed by master designer and doll creator Doug James in this immaculately executed suit.

Dolldom's exclusive photos of J'adore aim to highlight her exquisite beauty and personality. If Phoenix Gene comes across as ethereal, J'adore, with her slightly higher-arched eyebrows, communicates a bit more temperament and attitude.  The fact that JAMIEshow dolls are hand painted by artisans, it is possible to anticipate that no two J'adore or Phoenix Gene dolls look exactly alike.

To expand on the theme of the suit that Miss Henry chose for her exclusive Gene, Dolldom gathered the very best in suits for this exclusive spread -from Ashton-Drake fashions to the very best by Retros. Styled to enhance the cut and fit of this sartorial staple, these suits allow us to examine a woman's allure and power in what used to be considered male-only fashion.

Let the adoration begin!

Ashton-Drake's The Perfect Gift, circa 1947, was designed by Regina Ganem.  Dolldom's stylists traded the flower bandeau for a silk turban by Liz Cole for Retros and a long faux fur stole by Tonner Doll Company. 

The corsage was originally intended as a pin for the suit's lapel. Now, it adorns the turban. Notice the gold drop on Gene's upper lid.

Following the Barbie doll's suit, Gene wears Gold and Glamour, a Charlotte Johnson design from 1965.

Gold and Glamour reproduction photo courtesy of Mattel.

Juli in the United Kingdom designed the set using vintage textiles to match the patina and feel of the vintage original. 

The 1940's film noir vibe is the realm of fashion maven Liz Cole whose Retros line of clothing graces many Gene collections. Only Retros will hand bead a suit with such artistry. The kimono sleeves and functional buttons exemplify the talent of the artist. The turban is made of knit fabric with Lurex threads. Earrings by Chez Manu, Dolldom's exclusive joaillier.

To top the suit, Retros crafted a full length mink coat using recycled mink. Even the lining is recycled from the original garment. Gene's attitude fits the mink crown hat perfectly.

A coquettish silhouette for a suit?

Why not!

Pink with Envy, circa 1952, was designed by Bob Lange for Madra Lord's debut collection. J'adore owns it now.

Of course, Dolldom had to revisit Love, Paris, produced by Ashton Drake. The very first New Look look for Gene was released in 1999 and was accompanied by a sweet storyline: the master himself, Mr. Christian Dior, was a Gene Marshall fan and gifted her with the luxurious ensemble.

Love, Paris, circa 1947, was designed by José Ferrand.

In the movie Montage, Gene is spectacular in a Balenciaga inspired dress and jacket wonder crafted in red wool and silk jacquard lining and cravate. Gene's painting is an original artwork by Mel Odom and was part of the ensemble.

Smart Set, circa 1948, was designed also by Mr. James.

Dolldom congratulates Fashion Doll Quarterly and JAMIEshow for giving collectors yet another dreamy take on the legend of Gene Marshall.

Now, the anticipation begins for JAMIEshow's White Orchid!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer Bounty

Just as summer starts to wind down and the prospect of fall becomes ever present in the morning air, Good Old Summertime Amber by Wilde Imagination takes us back to the pleasant sensations of a summer picnic. Good Old Summertime Amber immediately caught the eye of Dolldom's editors with it's 1930's style flower print dress, raven bob, and piercing blue eyes framed in lush black eyelashes. The straw hat adds a touch of Mary Emmerling to this sophisticated gal - not to mention a necessary respite from the harsh sun rays.

Amber is a sensational sculpt. Ellowyne's beautifully serene face with a hint of smile betrays her mood swing syndrome. Amber's pout, on the other hand, does not hide her attitude. Even in the midst of a peaceful secret garden with friendly insects and petrified birds, Ellowyne's nemesis still has an air of temperamental volatility.  But such is the world of Ellowyne Wilde.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Wig du Jour

Mel Odom's Phoenix Gene Marshall by JAMIEshow models "Personal Secretary" designed by Tim Kennedy. The circa 1957 silhouette is a perfect choice for Gene's role as a personal secretary in the film of the same name. For this Dolldom exclusive, Miss Marshall wears different coiffures in varying shades so that you the readers may decide on the final look. The wig caps, created by JAMIEshow, allow Miss Marshall to become a brunette or a blonde with ease as each wig cap is rooted and adjusts securely with a magnet.

Which one will be your choice?

The look evokes Christian Dior. Purse by Hee Hung Park for Bambola Doll.

"Personal Secretary" is accessorized with a pert hat and purse of chenille violets and a pearl choker.

Style Number One: Raven chignon. Simple and classic. And severe.

Style Number Two: The brunette triple chignon is luxuriously elaborate while retaining the sedate look of the first one.

Style Number Three: The cool blonde has a long history in film. Almost every Alfred Hitchcock film revolves around one.

Style Number Four: A more coquettish auburn up-do adds a tad of playfulness. Would a personal secretary wear it to the office?