Friday, April 15, 2011

Gentleman and Gentle Soul

Bill Cunningham is one of those human beings who could easily inhabit Dolldom. This modern day Peter Pan is the best illustration of the individual who lives to play and is lucky to be "in the flow" for most of his waking life. For Bill Cunnigham lives to play in the same pure way that children get to work when they engage in creative activities.
The documentary "Bill Cunningham New York", by Richard Press, offers a delightful opportunity to meet the iconoclastic Cunnigham who has devoted his life to documenting the real life of fashion in the streets of New York. Getting to know this creative force of nature gives Dolldom reason to believe that there are other kindred spirits in this world who channel their intellectual and artistic energies into the examination of how the human race employs fashion to express its sense of self. Bill Cunningham is an anthropologist, an objective commentator who gives The New York Times readers the most accurate report on the pulse of fashion.

In one of its most touching moments, the documentary delves into Cunningham's personal life to reveal the essence of an individual whose clear sense of integrity, mission, and focus serves as an example to us all.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Coming Soon!

Nothing can beat a good poster to sell a movie. Be it on a billboard, in a subway station, or at a bus stop, a movie can be sold based on the impact of this simple and yet foolproof means of communication. Movie trailers can be dazzling, but the public has to be in the theater, glued to the TV or to the computer to experience it. Therefore, for immediate message transmission, the film industry relies on the poster. In these venerable feats of graphic design, every component is artfully manipulated to communicate a message that will titillate, amuse, and convey in a second the emotional impact of the movie's plot.

In this special tribute to Hollywood,  many familiar faces reappear playing imaginary stars in imaginary movies that could have been (or perhaps will be) in a theater near you. Sit back and enjoy the show!

Twilight of the Mind
Holiday Gala Sydney is transformed into the quintessential silent movie vamp by Joshard. Lady of Mystery ensemble is from Brenda Starr's 2006 line.

Liz Cole designs the costumes and jewelry for this low budget horror flick where giant insects from space threaten to extinguish human life – forever! 1960's Vivian by DAE Originals plays the fearless smart girl who says no to bugs.

High Altitude
24 Carat Sydney and University Sean team once again in a classic comedy that takes the battle of the sexes to the friendly skies. Airport 1944 and Shall We Dance ensembles from Effanbee's Brenda Starr line. Bar by Darren Cole for Retros.

Killer Blow
In this martial arts extravaganza Modern Mood Sydney fights the bad guys in style wearing Daisy and Willow's Trafalgar Square ensemble by Doug James and Laura Meisner. Monty by DAE, in his Shore Leave ensemble, stands in for the bad guy.

St. Louis Symphony 
Song and dance and an old-fashioned love story make for a winning combination. Fantasia Tyler plays an always-hopeful showgirl who encounters love in all the right places. Tyler's ultra glamorous make up is by Billy Lope. Her scintillating ensembles are by Franklin Lim-Liao. Jewelry by VJT Designs. Resin Vivian dolls by DAE Originals wear ensembles from the debut line.

Giuliana's Travels
A psychedelic fantasy in Technicolor is the perfect vehicle for Ice Blue Sydney. In Tyler Wentworth's Palm Beach Night's ensemble, Princess Giuliana visits a wonderful world where dreams magically materialize. Jewelry by VJT.

Poisonous Blossom
Billy Lope, make-up artist and hairstylist extraordinaire, turns The Brass Horse's In the Presidio Carrie into an Anna May Wong-like seductress. Amber Glow Esmé's gown by Tyler Wentworth won a Silver Orb nomination for best costume design. Jewelry by VJT.

 Agent 700
Dashing Russell Williams has a license to thrill! In this action-packed spy flick, Russell dons Wentworth designs for the Matt O'Neill Collection. Violet Waters' wardrobe by Liz Cole. Colin Deehan's wardrobe by Collectible Chic.
Mansion of Sorrow
Tears will be shed before there is a happy ending. Cherished Friends' RTW Luxury Tyler is cast as the innocent yet steadfast heroine, wearing Premiere Pink's skirt and FAO exclusive black wool gabardine jacket, also by the House of Wentworth. Millinery by Margo Nickel.

Aunt Regina plays a woman suffering from a past she never lived in this mind twister with a heck of a surprise ending. Costumes by Liz Cole for Retros. Rhinestone pin by Marcia Friend for Facets.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Madame's Girl Wonder

Madame Alexander's Cissette doll, first introduced in 1957, continues to delight collectors. Vintage issues are the most desirable, yet there is still much charm to be discovered in a "Portrette" doll that uses the classic Cissette sculpt. Some of these "Portrette" darlings are found deshabillées in auction sites, begging to be redressed and styled. Once adopted, they shine in the spotlight.

Liz Cole of Retros designed a glamorous trio of fashions for this Dolldom exclusive to show that Cissette, like many other great classic characters of the fashion doll world, remains au courrant and exciting, all she needs is the right dollector.

Cherry print cotton skirt and a knit top create a stylish day dress. A vintage straw hat and a Barbie doll necklace add texture and more graphic interest. Blue pup by Liz Cole.
Polka dots! In a blue, yellow, white and black palette, the playful skirt is paired with a cotton knit blouse. Necklace by DAE Originals for the Vivian doll. 

To end the fashion show, Liz concocted one of her signature sparkly dresses for Cissette's 10-inch height. Black gloves also by Liz and a black pearl necklace from Integrity's Violet Waters finish off this timeless evening style. Sunglasses, cigarette package and miniature cigarette also by Liz Cole for Retros.

Go ahead, adopt a Cissette and take part of her fabulous little world of fashion.