Monday, November 21, 2022

It's Lark!

Joey Versaw introduces a new character of his much awaited The Daffodollys music band and her name is Lark. Lark Emerald Witch to be exact. Lew, as she is called by her dear friend Meadow, is the principal songwriter for the band and her lyrics are groovy. 

Lark has always been a mysterious girl and her friends never question how or why she appears to be purple at times. They just enjoy hanging out with her cause she's boss! 

Lark is a limited numbered edition of 50 and may be ordered either in white or purple skin tone. Her mini dress is outta sight and her hard sculpted wig may be worn two different ways to change her look! Lark stands approximately 11 1/2 inches and wears most small busted doll fashions. 

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Forever Joan

What's in a name? 

J o a n  C r a w f o r d

A Hollywood icon. Also a survivor of sorts who, in spite of reaching the pinnacle of popularity in early 20th century cinema, worked assiduously to remain relevantly active during her lifetime. 

As we close 2022, what remains of Joan Crawford? Simply put, it's a legacy of grit and style. For Joan Crawford had style, one that to this day continues to be referenced: from the magnificent Letty Lynton gown to the sharply silhouetted suits of Mildred Pierce to- sadly - the reductionist grotesquerie of Mommy Dearest (that's Faye Dunaway, let's clarify, not Joan Crawford). 

In 2008, Tonner Doll Company introduced a doll in the likeness of Joan Crawford. Wildly popular, the doll and fashions evoked, not copied, the essence of Crawford's style in some of her most memorable roles. Extremely hard to find today, the Joan Crawford Collection doll serves as a metaphor for the star's lasting power, for though Crawford is in Hollywood Heaven, her essence lives in vinyl and PVC effigies in collections around the world. Joan Crawford is still hard at work serving glamour fantasies galore.

For this Dolldom exclusive, a "Ready for Wardrobe" doll, embarks on a fashion extravaganza. From Tonner's Théâtre de la Mode to LizRetros's hand-beaded silk shantung suits to Tyler Wentworth, this is the ultimate tribute to a woman of style, a fashion icon, an original: Joan Crawford. 

Studio arrival

Tyler Wentworth's "Casual Luxury" coat and slacks pair beautifully with "Urban Sport's" beige turtleneck.

Lunch at Warner's 

Brenda Starr's "Just My Type" suit and NuminaDoll's tangerine bib of bows. 

Opening scene

LizRetros fashioned a broad-shouldered, hand-beaded suit to wear over a black faille blouse by JAMIEshow Doll. Picture hat drama from Brenda Starr's "Evening Noir". 

À la française

Tonner's Le Théâtre de la Mode offerings were beautifully modeled by Tyler Wentworth. On Joan Crawford, these tributes to French Haute Couture during Second World War become even more mythical.  

Luxe, calme et volupté...

In Tonner's Théâtre de la Mode "Fleurs du Mal", Joan is pure poetry. 

Le rouge et le blanc

"Jungle Red" is a showstopper. Based on Crawford's look in the film Susan and God, the pleated gown is magical draping. 

Academy Awards Ceremony

In this fashion fantasy, Joan Crawford walks the red carpet in Tonner Doll's "Soire de Fête" from the Théâtre de la Mode Collection.

And the awards goes to...

Friday, October 28, 2022

All Hallow's Eve - Dreary Style

The Dreary twins have captivated Dolldom since their very first appearance in 2007. And this Halloween 2022, they are back! In this Dolldom exclusive, Agnes and Viktor share their love for anything and everything spooky.

As the day begins its descent into dusk and candles begin to flicker, Agnes and Viktor Dreary escape to a corner of the garden...

My Witch Wish
"Dinner Doldrums" Agnes Dreary gets her witch wish with a fantastic hat by Peggy Feltrope.

Little Ghosts
Viktor imagines that his broken frozen Charlotte dolls are ghostly creatures sprouting from deep inside the Earth. 

The Greatest Showman
Viktor in a shirt, tie and pants by The Doll Workshop's Andrea Jacques and a hat by Peggy Feltrope, shows off his ghoulish menagerie. 

Let's Face It
"Minor Conundrum" Agnes loves a mask - just not on her face. Her vintage zombie lady will go trick or treating, on her hand.

La mosca mortal
Viktor leads his pack of Thetis Lake Monsters by Stexe on a nighttime excursion to the pond in LizRetros' The Fly get-up.  


Sweet Little Witch
Who's behind that mask? 

She's not saying! But everyone around her knows...

Monster Trainer
"Odd One Out" Viktor Dreary tames the beasties.

But the Enfield Horror by Stexe has gotten away...and on Halloween! 

This Halloween entry closes with a little ditty composed by the twins and enacted by their beloved friend Cuculala, an antique porcelain headed mignonette.

As I walk by the forest grand
So full of green amphibians
I realize it's time again
To make my introduction!

A casque of moss, redolent most
Of buried leaves and chestnuts,
Adorns my thoughts so hollow.

For I'm the grand Cuculala,
Cu-cu-la-la forever!
In light or dark 
You'll hear me chant
I am the grand Cuculala,
Cu-cu-cu-cu, Cuculala,
Cu-cu-la-la forever!

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Which Way to the Beach?

Looking at the calendar with blurry vision, Myles Magpie clears his eyes to realize that it’s his day off! No wedding cakes or dresses today! Not missing a beat, Myles slings on his bikini briefs as if he has thrown a ball in the air and caught it. The sun is out and it becomes quickly very obvious to Myles that he hasn't tanned in quite some time. Walking through the parking lot a man catches Myles’s attention. Rubbernecking so hard, Myles trips over a grate in the concrete and falls. “That was a pretty graceful fall!” - a kind voice from behind him says with a bit of a chuckle. His name is Malekai and he reaches  out his hand to help Myles up. “Looks like you will survive!" - he adds with a smile. Myles stands up and embarrassingly brushes off the dust and with a mischievous smile says: “Which way to the beach?” 

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Oh, Orlando!

 JAMIEshow Doll Muses continues its inspired presentation of 1/6 scale BJDs coded as male. Made of beautiful matte resin, the dolls' heft and articulation, paired with exquisitely detailed face-ups and body blushing, create a truly luxurious doll. The idea of offering separate wig caps increases play and fantasy value as who has not wanted to change hairstyles and hair colors to make an outfit really shine? 

This entry is dedicated to "Dangerous Love" Orlando, one of the handsome characters of 2021. In looks styled from a variety of sources, Orlando is a scene stealer. 

Après la fête...

Orlando gets ready to undress and relax after the party. Shirt, bowtie, socks and shoes by Integrity Toys. Trunks by The Confusion 83 on Etsy. 


Casual need not mean sweats. A khaki jacket by OwenSu pairs with dark denim jeans by Integrity Toys. The tank top by The Confusion 83 adds that extra element of visual texture. Boots by Dragons in Dreams circa 2018.

Go! Go! Go!

Speed Racer vibes in this Integrity Toys jumpsuit and silk cravatte. 

Daring duo

Orlando likes this unabashed combo of formal tux jacket in brocaded silk by Integrity Toys with hip track pants by The Confusion 83.