Saturday, January 21, 2023

New Moon, Full Moon

Tomorrow's new moon marks the beginning of Lunar New Year. And Dolldom celebrates this festival in grand style with Virtual Doll Convention's Grace doll. 

Bountiful Hearts
To begin the festivities that will last for fifteen days, until the moon completes her cycle and is full, Grace wears a scintillating red and gold brocaded silk dress. The cheongsam-inspired bodice pays tribute to tradition while the A-line flared skirt imparts a contemporary vibe with its above-the-knee hemline. 

But as Grace turns around, she reveals the ultimate surprise: a rhombus cut-out design. The fully lined dress closes at the neck and upper back with hooks and threads and with a zipper at the waist.

The Gilded Cage
This pair of platform high-heeled shoes features a gold honeycomb lattice pattern framed in gold faux patent leather. A fashion essential, these pumps keep Grace and her friends on a golden path all year long.

Precious Footsteps

Silver and gold and knee high, these are the boots to begin 2023 with a bang! Crafted of metallic Spandex, the easy to slip on and off design gives a modern edge to anything in Grace's closet.

Year of the Rabbit
Vivid red cotton plays foil to yellow graphics creating a sensational T-shirt for Chinese New Year. The logo's festive design features traditional firecrackers and a cute rabbit head. New Year Happiness!

For more information of the Grace doll, visit Virtual Doll Convention's Grace Boutique

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Groovy Togs

Fashion dolls are meant to be fashionable. And whatever they wear is the way in which dollectors express their vision of fun and style. Irma, Kirby, and Lark, from Joey Versaw's newest line of dolls, The Daffodollys, exemplify this concept play value, inherent as it should be, in any fashion doll.

For this exclusive portfolio, the members of the grooviest band around, model looks concocted from a way array of sources: from Poppy Parker to vintage Ken. What will your Irma, Kirby and Lark wear? 

For more information on The Daffodollys and to join in the fun, visit their fan group of Facebook and visit Joey Versaw's Mary Magpie boutique.

Resources for readers:

1. Brown sweater and grey tank on Kirby by Christine Ward for DollyKnickers

2. Kimono on Irma by Sylvia Campbell for Snowdance Fashions.

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Good Vibrations with The Daffodollys

Welcome to the far-out world of The Daffodollys! 

The Daffodollys is a groovy new band that has already skyrocketed to the top of the charts with their new single “Can’t Fight The Groove.” The Daffodollys is composed by four outta-sight members Meadow (lead vocals), Lark (drums), Disco (tambourine), and Kirby (guitar).

For this first post of 2023, Dolldom is delighted to present that fourth member of the band, Kirby, and a new character of dubious behaivior Irma

Kirby is the the guy member of The Daffodollys. A kind and peaceful spirit, Kirby always goes with the flow. Meadow and Kirby grew up across the street from each other and went to the same school. He writes, orchestrates, and performs with the gusto and vibe of the innate rockstar. 

Kirby is a 12-inch, anatomically defined resin doll, jointed at neck, shoulders, and hips. He comes to you with pants, vest, cap, and necklace in an ultra limited edition of 20. Kirby Love! 

It’s no wonder that Irma has her eyes locked in on him. 

But who's Irma, you wonder? Very well, Irma is a beautiful enfant gâté extraordinaire whose mother bought every instrument and costume for her band: The Shenanigans. And one would be hard-pressed to come up with a better name for what Irma brings to the party! 

Irma makes her debut in a print party dress, vest, and flowered sculpted wig in an ultra-limited edition of 20.

Who doesn't love a band? 

Here's Disco!

Here's Meadow!

Here's Lark!

For more information on The Daffodollys and to join in the fun, visit their fan group of Facebook and visit Joey Versaw's boutique. 

For more information on The Daffodollys and to join in the fun, visit their fan group of Facebook and visit Joey Versaw's boutique.