Sunday, September 25, 2022

Who's That Girl?

Doll play has 1001 manifestations as it goes beyond the mere act of a wardrobe change. Dollectors of all ages engage in an instantaneous storytelling journey, be it by adding a pair of sunglasses or repositioning the protagonist of the narrative.  Creative and revealing, doll play is, to many of us at Dolldom, as much a balsam for the soul as a shot of gin.  

Enter Joey Versaw's Meadow, lead singer of the band The Daffodollies. A tribute to the art of French illustrator Kiraz, Meadow combines the latest in technology with painstaking hand painting of face up and body blushing. Sculpted digitally and then 3-D printed, Meadow is the apotheosis of digital magic, but it is the way in she's brought to life in the hands of Versaw, that Meadow truly becomes a character; a perfect heroine for many an adventure. 

Designed to wear wigs and to fit into couture created for slim dolls, Meadow invites us to engage with her. As this entry proves, Meadow truly is 100 dolls in one, as with just the change of wig, a new character is born. Add Mod styles borrowed from Francie, Momoko, even Poppy Parker, and suddenly, we all ask: "Who's that girl?"

OOAK Meadow in a dress by Versaw.

Dress by Squishtish.

Meadow borrows Miss Mary's ponytail wig and dons a cute beaded mini by Marirose. 

Francie's "Kitty Corner" mini, designed by Robert Best, is even more audacious on Meadow. Monique beehive wig. 

Designed for Francie by Julia of ThinkBarbie, this darling set uses "Swirly Cue's" fabric print. Monique wig. 

The raspberry color of her human hair wig adds even more punch to Francie's "Style Setter's". 

Cocktail party time in a golden mini with hand beaded details. 

OOAK Meadow in her Fanta Uva 3-D printed wig. Dress by Versaw. 

The fashion show closes with a 60s classic - Francie's "Silver Cage". Pink and purple magic. 


Monday, September 19, 2022

Disco at the Pity Party

The title of this entry may sound complicated, but it's not! It's all about new fab doll intros!

Joey Versaw introduces a new character from The Daffodolly's Band and her name is Disco!

"Debut Disco"

Disco is the fun loving drummer of “The Daffodolly’s “ and Meadow's best friend from childhood. She comes in a color saturated bell sleeve stage dress, “Mua!” necklace, and a truly fab wig with hand painted headband to match her dress. 

Debut Disco is a limited edition of 20.

It’s Meadow's Birthday but Irma (Meadow's frenemy) has intentionally delayed bandmate Kirby and Meadow is beside herself. Real friend Disco turns up to try to cheer the forlorn birthday girl. Meadow comes with party dress, black "Taylor" wig, and birthday invitations. 

Saturday, September 3, 2022

Becoming Takeshi

The art of sculpting (be it via the artful manipulation of clay or the visually entrancing digital equivalent) is the foundation for the creation of a doll. These days, dollectors enjoy unprecedented diversity as doll producers - from Mattel to indie designers - offer faces and bodies to represent our evolving understanding and appreciation of the human race.
Paul Pham, creator of NuminaDoll, is a sculptor extraordinaire with a gift for capturing the essence of a character. His dolls defy conventions as he explores types of beauty often overlooked. And his gift extends to the realm of dolls representing male anatomy.

Two years ago, Pham introduced a new character named Ang, a beautiful depiction of a young man with Asian heritage. Dolldom immediately jumped at the opportunity to add Ang to its collection of NuminaDoll. Not surprisingly, Ang created a stir modeling a wide range of fashions, from Hakama pants by JAMIEshow to non-binary dresses by HvalaDolls.

Ang 2020

Still, a desire remained among Dolldom's editors to have a more mature Asian male character. A conversation with Pham about re-sculpting the mouth and redoing the face-up, accompanied by many inspirational photos, led to another beautiful OOAK creation. And so, Ang became Takeshi.

Pham's incredible talent transformed the athletic youngster into a smoldering hunk. For his first Dolldom entry, Takeshi wears a coat by Ayal Armon and slacks and boots by NuminaDoll. His wig is also by NuminaDoll.

Takeshi 2022

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Woodland Magic

For this first September entry, Dolldom invites its readers to step back into the forest and experience the magic that is seldom seen but invariably always felt. For this forest is inhabited by Joey Versaw's Troglyns! 

“Why do you run so far away, I’m really not scary I’m just here to play. I may look different and scary to you, but I’m here only for good and my heart is loyal to you!” 

Piewacket is a purple monster with a “frozen Charlotte “ type body and a ball jointed head so it can swivel. You may customize his hair and eye color. An owl comb is included so you may keep Piewacket's tresses prettily styled. 

"Come to the forest to the magical tree, there, a circle of mushrooms you will see. Stand inside the circle and count to four, we will appear and, to the world of fairy, open the door.” 

The Troll Fairies are available in female and male representing. Each doll has a “frozen Charlotte “ type body with a ball jointed head so it can swivel. The Troll Fairies arrive with a fancy forest garment, a stand, a pattern so you can make your own clothing out of felt, and a comb. Each character has its own unique sculpt and is offered in “Fairy Dew”, a light slightly iridescent tone or “Red Earth”, a beautiful earth tone.

To preorder Piewacket and The Troll Fairies, visit Joey Versaw.