Thursday, September 1, 2022

Woodland Magic

For this first September entry, Dolldom invites its readers to step back into the forest and experience the magic that is seldom seen but invariably always felt. For this forest is inhabited by Joey Versaw's Troglyns! 

“Why do you run so far away, I’m really not scary I’m just here to play. I may look different and scary to you, but I’m here only for good and my heart is loyal to you!” 

Piewacket is a purple monster with a “frozen Charlotte “ type body and a ball jointed head so it can swivel. You may customize his hair and eye color. An owl comb is included so you may keep Piewacket's tresses prettily styled. 

"Come to the forest to the magical tree, there, a circle of mushrooms you will see. Stand inside the circle and count to four, we will appear and, to the world of fairy, open the door.” 

The Troll Fairies are available in female and male representing. Each doll has a “frozen Charlotte “ type body with a ball jointed head so it can swivel. The Troll Fairies arrive with a fancy forest garment, a stand, a pattern so you can make your own clothing out of felt, and a comb. Each character has its own unique sculpt and is offered in “Fairy Dew”, a light slightly iridescent tone or “Red Earth”, a beautiful earth tone.

To preorder Piewacket and The Troll Fairies, visit Joey Versaw.

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