Monday, December 28, 2020

¡Gracias, Magacín!

Dolldom celebra la publicación de un precioso artículo de Fabiola de Hollywood por Liz Sandra Santiago en la revista Magacín

"Una muñeca inspirada en la mujer boricua"

Acompañado de nuestras fotos, el artículo también contiene una entrevista con el creador de Fabiola, Mike Buess, que explica el proceso por el cual éste realizó esta importante muñeca de modas. 

Mil gracias nuevamente a Liz Sandra Santiago y a Magacín por el gran honor de ver a Fabiola de Hollywood en su publicación. 

Pelucas por Yatabazah

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Holiday Window Shopping

Time to go on a fantasy window shopping excursion from the comfort of your favorite chair. Come on everybody - here we go! 

Over at Mattel, a Silkstone Francie sports a fab version of "Swirley Cue" by Julia. 

A Hertwig bisculoid lad, circa 1930s, stands ready to inhabit a lucky dollhouse.

At Studio Uoo, a Bone Walker Nico Lampe stands proud in his separates by Dress My Love

At Virgin-Archer's, Anouk, in Rosina Haskell, is ready to deck the halls. 

Cute as buttons, Dolly Darlings by Hasbro will fill many a stocking! 

A Black Lilli Lalka 2 by Julian Kalinowski, in LizRetros, will be on everyone's letter to Santa. 

A fab Fabiola of Hollywood by Mike Buess brings cheer and Latin style to the holidays in her Aleida Ortiz red wonder. Accessories by Buess. 

At Mamzelle de Paris, Sophine, Emily, and Jolie Môme dolls, by Kimo Ben, will delight children of all ages. 

At Bogue's Vogues, a "Classic Black Dress" Barbie epitomizes goddess of glamour. 

Ken! OOAK Ken, reimagined by Joey Versaw, is dapper in his cool weather wear by Stacey.

At Madame Alexander's a Black Cisssette, in LizRetros, is sure to be on high demand!

At Uneeda's, Tiny Teen Bob is ready to be the perfect escort in LizRetros' dinner jacket set. 

At Renwal's, a dollhouse beauty, made iconic by the art of Laurie Simmons, leaves us dreaming of Christmas morning surprises! 

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Dressing Up

HvalaDolls redefines menswear with a select collection of dresses, perfect for a holiday get-together with friends. Modeled by the handsome men of NuminaDoll, these visionary creations bring comfort and style. 


"Cupido enamorado" 
A pleated one-shoulder dress, paired with washed denim jeans by NuminaDoll, is both classic and revolutionary. 

"No Black Tie Required"
For black-tie affairs, a voluptuous flounce brings drama to this ground-breaking dress. Worn with black pants by Chewin Doll and patent leather monk shoes, it's elegance redefined. 

"Seeing Through"
A seductive spier-web net dress with ruching on the sides is HvalaDolls' interpretation of the LBD. 

Sunday, December 13, 2020


In 1963 American Character's Tressy doll brought forth a cornucopia of hairstyling options with her unique "hair that grows" feature. Every new look yielded transformation. And every transformation yielded a new iteration of Tressy. Kids were enthralled. 

Not to be outdone, the Barbie doll, ever transformative, appeared in toy store shelves as Fashion Queen Barbie: one doll, three wigs, unending style options.  The rest is history - fashion doll history- and an ever lasting imprint in vintage dollectors' minds was forever etched. 

In wigs by Yatabazah (and one by Monique Trading!) and a silvery chainmail dress by Lotus Dolls Boutique, a very 1960s Fabiola of Hollywood, by Mike Buess, follows her vintage friend's path in a most luxurious way. 

This is Fabiola's Wigstock!

"Mai Fun Ta" is an orange delight with its hyperbolic flip.

"Electric Rose" gives Fabiola the hue of science-fiction summer berries. 

"Lolota-Lola-Lolita" provides height and substance when arriving and leaving. 

"Blossom" is a Monique Trading staple. Style and lacquered, it's also a protective helmet. 

"Cucu-Lala" is a titian pixie style with a statement black bow. 

"La banane à la moutarde" is all about yellow! Not blonde, but yellow!

"Marthe" is a sedate style, one of Yatabazah's signature looks. 

"Boom!" is a wig of sequins. For there are days when only sequins will do. Boom!

Sunday, December 6, 2020

La fabulosa Fabiola de Hollywood

 No todos los días llega a Dolldom una muñeca puertorriqueña y ese evento no se deja pasar sin una gran celebración. Fabiola de Hollywood, la nueva muñeca de modas creada por Mike Buess, se une como tantos otros puertorriqueños a la diáspora boricua en los Estados Unidos.

For it's true that not every day, Dolldom has the pleasure of welcoming a Puerto Rican doll and it was about time! Diversity and inclusion are musts, no matter if you are made of vinyl, resin, porcelain, or flesh and bone. 

Mike Buess' vintage-looking diva comes with a fanciful storyline, all done with a light-hearted, elegant approach. Packaged in an exquisitely evocative heavy stock box, Fabiola arrives ready to display and play. No detail goes unchecked and this meticulous attitude impresses the collector upon receiving the fabulous Fabiola. 

Dolldom had the pleasure of interviewing Buess over virtual cocktails - Don Q rum, neat - to discuss his inspiration for this fabulous new character in the world of fashion dolls.

"My mother was born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico and moved to the US in the 50s. She is one of 16 children - 8 girls and 8 boys. Fabiola's last name is my grandmother's maiden name. Fabiola's look is my recreation of the fab fashions of the time that my mom and her sister rocked when they moved to Brooklyn. They did it all with bold Puerto Rican flair. My mom studied fashion and worked in a sweater factory after school, so she educated me on cool 50s and 60s fashion and clothing. Like her, I'm obsessed with old movie glamour and studied fashion at Parsons School of Design.

My mom also used to shop at Frederick's of Hollywood. The manufacture of their clothing from that period was magnificent. Frederick designed the first push-up brassiere and brought never-before-seen glamour to the front door of of Middle America though his catalog. That is how Cedrick of Hollywood, Fabiola's fashion designer, was born."

In this Dolldom exclusive, a titian Fabiola de Hollywood, styled by the one and only Bobby Taylor of Pink Bubbles Doll Spa, takes you on a tour of her glamorous life! 

¡Qué viva Fabiola y que viva Puerto Rico!

To get your very own Fabiola, visit her boutique

Old San Juan Stroll
In a beaded sheath by Cody Thompson and a vintage straw picture hat, Fabiola meets friends for café con leche and mayorcas at La Bombonera. 

Jardín de flores solo pienso en ti...
A sculptured sheath in a delicate print by Criscrash reveals las curvas famosas for which Fabiola is known. 

Fabiola Flounce
This exuberant look by Aleida Ortiz made Fabiola famous and earned her the title of "La Muñeca Bailarina".

Get Up and Go-Go!
For her appearance in the Luis Vigoreaux show, Fabiola donned three looks.  With "Black Licorice" she one opened the show with her rendition of "Piel canela". 

Noche de ronda
In a silk and tulle creation by the joyful Tania Lawrence, Fabiola sang and danced for an adoring television audience.  

In LizRetros' maraschino cherry red gown, Fabiola closed the show with the ultimate interpretation of Osvaldo Farré's hit. Even Bobby Capó applauded! 

Chez elle
Fabiola relaxes in a comfortable Lurex mini with beaded detailing, also by LizRetros. 

For dancing, nothing beats a dress that allows for leg movement and is figure-hugging at the same time. Kudos to LizRetros for attaining the impossible! 

Verde Luz
In Sylvia Campbell's interpretation of Vintage Barbie's Japanese market exclusive gown, Fabiola closes this Dolldom fashion show. 

To get your very own and very fabulous Fabiola, visit her boutique