Monday, August 7, 2023

The Casting

To commemorate the summer of '23, the Barbie doll collaborated with Dolldom on a by-the-shore fashion entry using several elements from her recent BarbieStyle giftset. As Dolldom's editors pondered how to give the warm-weather fashion show a fresh slant, Barbie suggested that a new male model be cast. And so a casting call went out...

And a very healthy number of hopefuls gathered at our  studios ready to present their own unique style. 

As it happens in every casting call, special characters made an appearance. 

"Attention, please! - Barbie exclaims. Time for one-on-one interviews."

First off is Clay in turquoise briefs by LindasPassions on Etsy. Barbie wears her own bikini top with a pleated mini by Party Doll Fashion Shop, also on Etsy. Barbie admires Clay's strong character and flowing black mane. 

Next is Ken. He and Barbie agree that to give this entry a fresh start, he should kindly agree to bow out. But not before he bats his baby blues at Barbie.

Jeff is the next model. Barbie really adores his Cali style, more so his vintage straw hat and retro necklace. And yes, the dimples!

The next model, Geoff, is rocking an impressive retro look. White briefs by LindasPassions on Etsy combine with a stripped cabana shirt and hat by Mattel. His gaze is stunning. 

Brad, the most eager of all hopefuls, arrives in red, white, and blue briefs by LindasPassions on Etsy. 

Dolldom favorite Jon makes an appearance in Mod Ken's trunks. Barbie likes his style a lot! 

Last but not least is Brandon who was reluctant to attend. Barbie thinks he has the style needed for the entry. From his boater hat to his classic black briefs by LindasPassions on Etsy, Brandon is it! 

And so the modeling begins...

Black swimwear and straw hats for both!

Sightseeing is best done with an orange kerchief, palazzo pants and the versatile bikini top. Brandon opts for a t-shirt by Integrity Toys and joggers by The Confusion 83 on Etsy. 

Happy hour will turn into dinner in BarbieStyle's suit for Ken and Barbie's blouse, this time worn with an off-white pleated skirt by Party Doll Fashion Shop on Etsy. Brandon lends Barbie his boater as he thinks it's cute on her.

May your late summer adventures be full of fun.