Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The Sum of Its Parts

Doll fashion brand Shantommo's second venture into the world of 1:4 male BJD caught Dolldom's eyes as rarely one sees shorts, and it being summertime...plus the double breasted short-sleeved shirt made of striped cotton has a vintage vibe.

Dolldom's stylists saw the potential for mix and match and the order was placed.

Le week-end
Shantommo's "Weekend" is modeled by Seth, a OOAK Argent doll by Paul Pham for NuminaDoll. Dolldom opted for black boots en lieu of the proposed sandals for a more urban look.

Short Obsession.
The crepe shorts become the building block for an elegant look with black mesh tank, NuminaDoll's Barney-purple coat, and patent leatherette monk-strap shoes with white socks. A little spritz of vintage Habit Rouge and Seth is ready for anything.

Prep School.
Cause it's fun to amuse oneself with traditions. This fun take on elementary school uniforms pairs the obsessive shorts with the perfection of Chewin Doll's white shirt (these are the most precisely cut and sewn miniature shirts in the universe, and, if you really love your doll, you must get him one) and navy blue slim tie. His fragrance? Vintage Lagerfeld for Men.

But what about the shirt, you may be wondering... Well, Dolldom saved it for last...

Out of the Bank
The white and black striped shirt is happy to hang out with a pair of cuffed jeans by NuminaDoll. Modeled by Link, a OOAK Aurum, the look is relaxed and elegant. Link's Afro wig by Chewin Doll. Scent of a man: L'instant by Guerlain. Boots by JAMIEshow.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

On the Road with Anouk

Back in 1967, Anouk, by Nav Sikand, took a solo road trip. These vintage shots document her fun times.

Grand Prix 
Well, Anouk did not race, but she still looked the part in HillCrestBarbies' fab jumpsuit.

A derelict castle! Did Anouk invest and restore it? In "Mon Tricot" from Series 4, she considered the possibilities.

Au musée
A little art gallery found. But it was Anouk in her Criscrash sheath who was the real work of art. Cap by Maryann Roy.

In LizRetros' take on Balenciaga, Anouk enjoyed un petit vin to celebrate her outing. Gloves by Rosina Haskell. 

Resources for readers:

La poupée mannequin Anouk



Rosina Haskell

Thursday, July 16, 2020

The Very Best Look

The Barbie Fashion Model Collection's "The Best Look" is out! The very last giftset to be offered to collectors is full of play options, exactly what a giftset should do. Keeping up with the year's fabulously sober color palette, "The Best Look" is a black and white extravaganza - from the perfectly suited houndstooth suit to the provocative lace bustier and petticoat. Even the fur stole melds the colors to perfection. Two pairs of gloves, two pairs of shoes, a satin purse, a silver and pearl pin and classic 3-strand pearl necklace complete the set.

"The Best Look's" Barbie doll has an impressive face. Made of Silkstone in "Peace" tone, the titian beauty has most expressive eyebrows, amazing left-looking side-glace, and superb winged eyeliner. This a face that collectors will never forget, which is why Dolldom's stylists opted to frame it with a grey shantung turban by Cheryl Scully. The Barbie doll's titian hair comes nicely styled - though not exactly as seen in her promo photos - but Dolldom felt that it did not add to the precision of the other components of the look. Perhaps, later, the model may be able to visit Pink Bubbles Doll Spa and have her hair restyled to perfection by Bobby Taylor.

As The Barbie Fashion Model Collection comes to a close, Dolldom enjoys the penultimate offering with a tinge of sadness mixed with the knowledge that the beauty created in the last 20 years will only become more enjoyable in retrospect.

"The Best Look BFMC Giftset"

Tuesday, July 14, 2020


Dolldom collaborated with artist Paul Pham on the creation of a OOAK doll using his superb new EunHa sculpt. Dolldom wished for a classic look, perhaps with a side-glance. And timeless dark red lips for a timeless woman.

Pham provided a mock-up during the process of realizing the face-up.

After recovering from the shock that only extreme beauty can provoke, Dolldom thought of pumping up the gaze to reveal even more strength of character.

And Pham, the consummate artist, nailed it!

Dolldom decided on the direct gaze as it communicated even more decisiveness.

Once at Dolldom, EunHa chose a new name - Jiho- and a look to make her debut in photos, which we hope that you will enjoy.

Dolldom thanks Paul Pham for once again creating dream dolls for its collection of Numina dolls.

Skirt by Superdoll, body blouse by Tonner for Antoinette, red stilettos by LizRetros, and jewlery by VJT Designs.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Raising Hair Standards

Yatabazah - the luxury brand created by Thanos Samaras- has an ever-so-fantastic new website and most importantly, a store!

It's meant to provide hours of fun - you decide if to binge or to segment the delight(s).

Dolldom celebrates the occasion with a photo portfolio of fave babes in Yatabazah creations.