Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The Sum of Its Parts

Doll fashion brand Shantommo's second venture into the world of 1:4 male BJD caught Dolldom's eyes as rarely one sees shorts, and it being summertime...plus the double breasted short-sleeved shirt made of striped cotton has a vintage vibe.

Dolldom's stylists saw the potential for mix and match and the order was placed.

Le week-end
Shantommo's "Weekend" is modeled by Seth, a OOAK Argent doll by Paul Pham for NuminaDoll. Dolldom opted for black boots en lieu of the proposed sandals for a more urban look.

Short Obsession.
The crepe shorts become the building block for an elegant look with black mesh tank, NuminaDoll's Barney-purple coat, and patent leatherette monk-strap shoes with white socks. A little spritz of vintage Habit Rouge and Seth is ready for anything.

Prep School.
Cause it's fun to amuse oneself with traditions. This fun take on elementary school uniforms pairs the obsessive shorts with the perfection of Chewin Doll's white shirt (these are the most precisely cut and sewn miniature shirts in the universe, and, if you really love your doll, you must get him one) and navy blue slim tie. His fragrance? Vintage Lagerfeld for Men.

But what about the shirt, you may be wondering... Well, Dolldom saved it for last...

Out of the Bank
The white and black striped shirt is happy to hang out with a pair of cuffed jeans by NuminaDoll. Modeled by Link, a OOAK Aurum, the look is relaxed and elegant. Link's Afro wig by Chewin Doll. Scent of a man: L'instant by Guerlain. Boots by JAMIEshow.


  1. Thank you! Seth and Link are flattered.

  2. Thank you, Linda! It's mine too!

  3. Amazing combinations. The cut of that striped shirt is just perfect. And the hairstyles! Beautiful shots as always. ♡