Tuesday, July 14, 2020


Dolldom collaborated with artist Paul Pham on the creation of a OOAK doll using his superb new EunHa sculpt. Dolldom wished for a classic look, perhaps with a side-glance. And timeless dark red lips for a timeless woman.

Pham provided a mock-up during the process of realizing the face-up.

After recovering from the shock that only extreme beauty can provoke, Dolldom thought of pumping up the gaze to reveal even more strength of character.

And Pham, the consummate artist, nailed it!

Dolldom decided on the direct gaze as it communicated even more decisiveness.

Once at Dolldom, EunHa chose a new name - Jiho- and a look to make her debut in photos, which we hope that you will enjoy.

Dolldom thanks Paul Pham for once again creating dream dolls for its collection of Numina dolls.

Skirt by Superdoll, body blouse by Tonner for Antoinette, red stilettos by LizRetros, and jewlery by VJT Designs.