Thursday, July 16, 2020

The Very Best Look

The Barbie Fashion Model Collection's "The Best Look" is out! The very last giftset to be offered to collectors is full of play options, exactly what a giftset should do. Keeping up with the year's fabulously sober color palette, "The Best Look" is a black and white extravaganza - from the perfectly suited houndstooth suit to the provocative lace bustier and petticoat. Even the fur stole melds the colors to perfection. Two pairs of gloves, two pairs of shoes, a satin purse, a silver and pearl pin and classic 3-strand pearl necklace complete the set.

"The Best Look's" Barbie doll has an impressive face. Made of Silkstone in "Peace" tone, the titian beauty has most expressive eyebrows, amazing left-looking side-glace, and superb winged eyeliner. This a face that collectors will never forget, which is why Dolldom's stylists opted to frame it with a grey shantung turban by Cheryl Scully. The Barbie doll's titian hair comes nicely styled - though not exactly as seen in her promo photos - but Dolldom felt that it did not add to the precision of the other components of the look. Perhaps, later, the model may be able to visit Pink Bubbles Doll Spa and have her hair restyled to perfection by Bobby Taylor.

As The Barbie Fashion Model Collection comes to a close, Dolldom enjoys the penultimate offering with a tinge of sadness mixed with the knowledge that the beauty created in the last 20 years will only become more enjoyable in retrospect.

"The Best Look BFMC Giftset"


  1. The application of the head wrap makes her look so much better. If I debox mine, I will do the same.

    1. Thank you, Terri! I devoted a good 45 minutes to the hair but felt that it required the hand of a pro to match the elegance of the other components of the set. Looking forward to seeing your photos of her.