Saturday, August 29, 2020

Shiny, Happy (Doll) People

The doll world is full of shiny happy people. Doll play inspires, relaxes, and takes us away, even if momentarily, to spaces of happiness. And during times like these, such a space is a necessity.

Sarah Feris, creative collector and innovative designer of 1/6 doll fashions is perhaps one of the best examples of the shiny, happy doll lover. And her creations, like a flower bomb, are redolent of these bright, positive emotions. Palpable joy in a dolly garment, you ask? Exactly!

Dolldom was captivated by Feris’ offerings on e-Bay. Made with prints reminiscent of 60s textile super stars Vera Neumann and Lilli Pullitzer, the fashions carry humor, saturated color, and undeniable chic.

Feris selects fabrics mostly by her reactions to color and visual textures. “I've had a great amount of time on my hands during quarantine for COVID-19 and have wanted to produce something to help pass the days and manage stress; doll work has been very helpful, Ferris explains, and, while I started making the fashions to pass my quarantine time, I wanted to share the fashions with others as a happy, no-pressure way of uplifting those who may be stressed out these days.”

Feris' memories of the Barbie Fashion Avenue and Barbie Fashion Fever lines inspire her to list at a similar price point. “I didn't want to poach any customers away from other fashion makers, Feris adds, so I kept an eye to doing bold and simple fashions that are obviously play clothes.”

Unabashedly partial to the Anouk doll by Nav Sikand, Feris loves everything about her, “her shapes, the stylized and adaptable look to her face, the feel in both texture and weight that she carries. Anouk lacks so much inherent social drama that she just encourages beauty and play.”

Feris is excited for her upcoming Fall offerings. September will feature transitional colors in an end-of-harvest color palette. And to keep her collectors happy, she will offer different designs each month. “Gentle, playful, joyful fun!”, she adds with a smile.

"Citrus Beach" is a three piece fashion that allows Anouk to garden and build on her tan. With the long sleeve blouse, Anouk goes to the farmers' market to sell her blooms. 

"Seventh Star" is a jumpsuit made for The Age of Aquarius. 

"Watercolor Pineapple" is a chimney collared mini dress, perfect for a summer evening cocktail party. 

"That's Bananas!" combines a fun plantain print with elegant palazzo pants. Necklace by Mattel. 

"Cool Flowers" -  a jumpsuit for the consummate flower child! Purse by Bestiaire. 

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Miss Mary and Monday by Joey Versaw

After many years of collaborating with Oregon artist Joey Versaw on his many creations, Dolldom has the honor to present his latest beauties: the newest incarnation of his character Mary Magpie, who after retiring at the end of 2018, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, sports a new sculpt in the highest quality resin.

In a recent interview, Versaw and Dolldom discussed the creation of Miss Mary and Monday, and his plans for these exciting new bodacious creatures.

Dolldom: Joey! What’s the tag line for this new iteration of beloved Mary Magpie?
Versaw: Miss Mary: The doll with two faces who demands that you to sew for her. LOL!

Dolldom: Well, that says it all! Miss Mary is making her entrance be felt. Peel me a grape too! What’s with the two faces?
Versaw: Not what you are thinking. Miss Mary will tell you what she wants and what she thinks to your face. The two-faced concept refers to two resin magnetic faceplates with which the collector can express Mary’s mood of the moment.

Dolldom: We want to know more about these faces.
Versaw: For the debut, Miss Mary and Monday flaunt a look with nods to the mothers of the fashion doll infused with a Vaporwave feel. Mary and Monday’s sculpt was inspired by pin-up stylized character art from the 40’s and 50’s, elevating the fashion doll sculpt pushed to a level that no other has touched, unless you are Jessica Rabbit. White irises and arched brows inspired by the debut 1959 Barbie doll, pumps inspired by Bild Lilli, and fetish dresses with a color palette inspired by Superstar Barbie and Christie.

Dolldom: The packaging is stunning. Who’s behind it?
Versaw: The box art was done by none other than the very talented Darko, a freelance artist who works with many well-known companies (such as Mattel). Follow him on Instagram at Darko.

Dolldom: Opening the box is akin to opening a treasure chest: goodies everywhere in gold and silver bags. Miss Mary and Monday are very well accessorized. And those dresses!
Versaw: Yes! Miss Mary and Miss Monday debut in a clear neon rubber futuristic sheath in "Cyber Punk Pink" and "Neurotic Yellow". A hot pink clear resin-based stand, separate black high heeled pumps inspired by the mother of all fashion dolls, Bild Lilli, a sash, and a wig. Mary’s is “Airy Ash” and Monday sports “Klimt Red”. The two faces also have a name to evoke the attitude: “Dom” has a closed mouth while “Big O” is open. If you are not a designer or seamstress yourself, Mary and Monday will demand you to commission local artists to create new looks and fashions for her as she comes with a basic form-fitting pattern.

Dolldom: Where and when will they be available?
Versaw: Although the debut sold out before the official release, the second wave is being produced as we speak and has a projected release date of October/November 2020. These dolls are being produced in very small limited releases, hand-painted and numbered. Interested collectors may inquire about the next collection at Miss Mary and Monday's boutique. 

Dolldom: Will you also offer fashions for your dynamic duo?
Versaw: Yes. Limited edition and numbered fashions will be available. Again, interested collectors may inquire at the boutique or via email

Dolldom closes with an exclusive fashion show of these upcoming fashions modeled by the debut edition of Miss Mary and Monday

“À la Plage”
A forties inspired playsuit, capelet, and straw hat.

A leopard print fur mini dress, silver belt, and heart shaped choker. Wig by Yatabazah. 

“Ombre de feu”
A black vinyl sheath, veiled hat, and red gloves.

A floral floor length day dress and waspie. Wig by Yatabazah. 

A brocade sheath and lace and fur shawl.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Favorite Shirts (and Slacks)

It's still summer and it's still hot - so let the T-shirt reign supreme.  LizRetros creates a series specially for the NumniaDoll male dolls and compliments them with comfortable pants.

Wigs by NuminaDoll and Chewin Doll. Hakama by JAMIEshow Doll. T-shirts and other pants by LizRetros.