Friday, February 23, 2018

Forgotten Photos

Dolldom has been lucky to discover in its archives a vintage photographic portfolio of New York socialite Yvonne Augusta Monmouth Winthrop, heiress of the famed five-and-dime store fortune S.P. Coolworthy and benefactress of this blog's costume department.

In these recently discovered photos, Ms. Winthrop posed for photographer Manuel de Campo y Prado in fashions by Balenciaga and LizRetros.

In a classic LizRetros silk shantung sheath for cocktail hour.

Sequins for the theater - the premiere of Kismet. 

 Balenciaga for the baptism of her nephew.

It's always grand when the past comes to enrich the present.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Something Cool

If it's not happy hour were you are, there is still a way to indulge in all things cool. Julian S. Kalinowski's S-Girls and LizRetros join forces to give us all the best concoction for an immediate buzz: beauty and glamour.

Accompanied by June Christy's ever-gorgeous classic, "Something Cool", Sylvain, Stella and Sable prove to be the coolest gals in town wearing LizRetros' newest collection of exuberant hand-sewn fashions in a spiffy set decorated with furniture built by Mr. Retros.

S- Girls by Julian S. Kalinowski
LizRetros' B&G

Something cool,
Something cool,
Something cool,
I'd like to order something cool!

Virgin Queen. A sober black cotton knit dress with copper Lurex threads is mood-enhancing and will never give a headache the morning after. Jewelry by Joy Jarred. Apostrophe chair by Maryann Roy.

Something cool,
I'd like to order something cool,
It's so warm here in town,
And the heat gets me down,
Yes, I'd like something cool!

My! It's nice to simply sit and rest awhile,
Now I know it's a shame,
I can't think of your name,
I remember your smile!

Three-Manhattan Lunch. Stella indulges in this sensational raw silk coat and vintage sparkly knit mini dress ensemble. Beaded belt also by LizRetros. Apostrophe chair by Maryann Roy.

I don't ordinarily drink with strangers,
I most usually drink alone.
You were so awfully nice to me,
And I'm so terribly far from home.

Like my dress?
I must confess it's terribly old,
But it's simple and neat,
It's just right for the heat,
Save my furs for the cold!

Lettuce Drink. Stella is as refreshing as a crisp wedge of Iceberg in her vintage tricot mini dance dress. Necklace by Joy Jarred. Apostrophe chair by Maryann Roy.

A cigarette? Well I don't smoke them as a rule,
but I'll have one,
It might be fun
With something cool!

I'll bet you couldn't imagine
That I one time had a house
With so many rooms I couldn't count them all!

Curaçao! Blue is her color as blue is her mood! Sylvain heads directly to the bar in a silk and mini paillette gown with back zipper closure.

I'll bet you couldn't imagine
I had fifteen different beaus
Who would beg and beg to take me to a ball.

I'll bet you couldn't picture me
The time I went to Paris in the Fall,
And who would think the man I loved was quite so handsome,
Quite so tall?

Well it's true,
It's just a memory I have,
One I almost forgot
'Cause the weather's so hot!
And I'm feeling so bad

My Glass Runs Over. Sometimes, the event calls for pulling out all stops. And this showstopper is the definition of exuberance with it's mile-long scarf and magenta ruffles. Sable loves the figure-hugging fit and her photographer agrees.

About a date,
Oh wait!
I'm such a fool!
He's just a guy
Who's stopped to buy
Me something cool!

S- Girls by Julian S. Kalinowski

LizRetros' B&G


Saturday, February 17, 2018

From Wild to Styled

--> “After many a summer dies the swan…” or so the saying goes, but not when she wisely books an appointment with Vera here at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!"
-BobbyTaylor, proprietor and lead stylist at PBDS

If one ever were to interview dolls on what constitutes a lifetime of fun and joy, it could be anticipated that many would attribute their existential success to having been on many an adventure. An adventure to the park where she enjoyed sunning in the sand box. Or an adventure to the neighbor's pool where she learned to dive. Or an adventurous weekend spent at grandma's home on the range during which horseback riding was de rigueur. Perhaps it was a day of hard work modeling gowns and suits and dresses. Or maybe the adventure was as uneventful but no less intense as being released from the box. Regardless of the nature of the adventure, the vintage and not-so-vintage doll will at some point in her life need to have her hair redone and in some more extreme cases, her face reconstructed. For such is the nature of play - what was pretty and fresh out of the box fifty years ago, will show today the signs of an adventurous life fully lived. And that is when a visit to a spa is a very good idea.

Luckily, restoration services abound these days and most basket-case dolls can be returned to their factory-issued perfection. But few spas do it with the expertise, elevated taste level, and charm as Pink Bubbles Day Spa does. Proprietor and lead stylist, Bobby Taylor, of Taylor Made fame, is the heart of this fantastic operation where dolls go on glamorous adventures and come out looking like the most sensational butterflies.

Mr. Taylor is assisted by a most enchanting crew:

Vera - Front desk receptionist in charge of booking of appointments and the first face you meet when you walk in! Runs a tight ship and doesn't like any monkey business!

Daffy - Main floor assistant, in charge of hair prep, Pink Bubbles beauty baths and making sure clients are well cared for when not in Mr. Taylor's chair. Daffy is in fact, Mr. Taylor's left arm at the spa and responsible for the ever-flowing Appletini's' served throughout the day!

Beatrice - Gift shop operator extraordinaire, Beatrice assists all clients in the selection of all beauty products, replacement pearl or hoop earrings, wigs, and other beauty essentials. She has loads of experience in retail and works on commission, so at times, she can get a little aggressive!

Upon arrival and after their stay at Pink BubblesDoll Spa, every client gets her photo taken to document the dynamic transformation. These, in turn, provide behind-the-scenes glimpses from inside the pink velvet and golden foiled flocked walls of Pink Bubbles Doll Spa.

Come along with us on this exclusive as dolls from all vintages embark on the ultimate beauty adventure at Pink Bubbles Doll Spa.

A Very British Girl
No longer looking like what the cat dragged in, a vintage Pedigree Sindy regains her composure with a resetting of her original factory look. 

Monstrous No More
A vintage brownette Bubblecut Barbie will no longer be cast only in zombie films. Revived and beautified, she is now an example of what happens when time stands still. 

This Is How She Met Ken
Too many years spent in a vinyl case is a surefire way to get a case of ongoing bad hair days. But at Pink Bubbles Doll Spa, a Number Three blonde Barbie doll is once again ready to meet her beau. 

American Woman
Having driven her convertible Austin-Healey around Malibu for five decades, an American Girl Barbie was in dire need of a reset. Now, in her classic bob and original face paint with oxidized pale lips, Barbie is the quintessential sophisticate-next-door.  

Star Turn
Even Hollywood stars need a day at the spa. Mel Odom's "Red Venus" Gene Marshall trades her gorgeous me-Tarzan-you-Jane mane for a most versatile side swept style, perfect for a queen's court or a cocktail party. 

Repro or Not!
A reproduction 50th anniversary Number One Barbie defines out of the box prettiness. On her return from Pink Bubbles Doll Spa, she is stunning. 

Will I Enchant This Evening?
A vintage brunette Number Three Barbie doll certainly does after her Pink Bubbles Doll Spa visit.


Blonde Ambition
A reproduction 50th Anniversary Number One Barbie aspired to be as fabulous as her 50-year old iteration. With miniature curls on her forehead and a hard curl at the end of her ponytail, she now can bask in the glory of being Miss Barbie Millicent Roberts. 

--> -->
Victoire's Victory
"La Grande Séduction" Victoire Roux will certainly leave everyone longing in her new and ever-so-chic Diana Vreeland-inspired do. 

The Doll They Loved to Restyle
Vera, Daffy, and Beatrice adore vintage Tressy's gravity-defying up-do and her luxurious silk dress by Marirose.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Spring Knits

As winter withers and the sun begins to stay for a visit every day a little longer, both body and soul anticipate the arrival of spring and its promise of fairer weather.

To mark the moment, Dolldom ventured outside with Julian Kalinowski's S-Girls, Stella, Sable, and Sylvain, to capture an evocation of primavera. The occasion called for significance: the human spirit weathers the onslaught of hail, rain, snow, and brutal winds. Perseverance became our theme. The knitted garment evidences resolution and steadfastness for without such character traits, it would not exist - unless, like Penelope, one has a very good reason to undo every night what was achieved under pressure during the day. But we digress.

Henrietta Lockhart's knitted fashions for dolls, designed under the label HillCrestBarbies, combine ecological conscience, vintage style sensibilities, and a delicious palette of yarns. A museum curator by day, Ms. Lockhart spends much of her time handling historical objects. At home, a small collection of mod-era Barbie dolls from the late 60s and early 70s calls on her to design and knit unique outfits sometimes using thrifted materials. Although the clothes are designed primarily to fit the vintage Barbie body, the fit on the S-Girls' more curvaceous body (wider hips and smaller bosom) is ever so perfect. Dolldom's editors are obsessed with the heirloom quality, vintage feel, and originality of Ms. Lockhart's knitted treasures.

Venture outdoors with Miss Lockhart and the S-Girls with the accompanying exclusive portfolio and make sure that you visit her boutique. There is surely one very special doll in your collection who is looking forward to a new knitted fashion for this coming spring.


Pimples! Off-white and salmon yarns interlock in this classic sheath. Necklace by Joy Jarred. Modeled by Sable.

Chocolate and caramel yarns with hints of gold render this cap-sleeved sheath named Gourmande.
Modeled by Sylvain.

Printemps! Spring defined: variegated lavenders and greens with hints of golden sunshine. Lariat by Joy Jarred. Modeled by Sable.

Al fresco! Lemon bars with a touch of rosemary come to mind thanks to this hostess two-piece set inspired by a vintage design. Modeled by Stella.

Crocus watch! Soon the ground will recite its poem of color. Sable awaits the moment in The Balcony, a blue-grey cocktail dress with stole neckline design.

Adieu, Alcatraz! Navy and buckwheat stripes provide freedom in Parallelism, an apron style cocktail dress modeled by Sylvain.

Hidden Nature. Sylvain goes to work in a stupendous chimney-collared two piece set combining sky blue, cocoa and lavender yarns.

Love you, Emma Peel! Springtime is the time for playing with dolls outdoors. Sylvain enacts a dangerous scene from her favorite TV show in this HillCrestBarbie's tour de force jumpsuit aptly named Will and Moxie.