Sunday, May 29, 2022

You Can Tell...

 It's Mattel...It's Swell!

The slogan could not be more perfect for describing Barbie Looks' #10 model, designed by Bill Greening. Kudos to Mattel Sculpting

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Suburban Liberation

Robert Tonner introduced his fashion doll Rayne in 2019 as a creative muse and a fashion canvas (blank, bien entendu).  Beautiful and unique, as all Tonner sculpts are, Rayne was a descendant of Phyn and Aero's Wonder Woman and, as such, a tall, strong amazon. But if the dollector could not sew, what was Rayne to wear?

In this very first entry for the month of May 2022, Rayne is on a mission modeling LizRetros' Suburban Liberation Collection. Evocative of the early 1970s, the styles are flower-powerful in their quest to take unabashed glamour to all activities: from grocery shopping to driving the neighbor's kids (Rayne is a darling) to soccer practice. For who says that daily life must be devoid of glamour? LizRetros believes firmly in the opposite, as evidenced in this exclusive photo portfolio of her latest collection of dresses, blouse and slack sets, scarves, and 3-D printed stilettos and sunglasses for Rayne and other dolls using the RTB-101 body sculpt. 

LizRetros for All