Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Elf Himself

Katarina Karsberg, creator of the beloved Myling doll, continues to expand her wondrous world of characters. Born from a quick doodle, Secret Summer, in its 3D form evolved considerably when the porcelain artist and illustrator sat down to sculpt.


Ms. Karsberg explains: "I wanted to create a fun little fairy-sprite sort of character, just a fun and friendly little creature! I was experimenting with the face a lot, trying to find something I hadn't seen before."

Dolldom thinks that the goal was attained masterfully as Secret Summer (shown in his Chibi version) brings a most unique point of view to the realm of porcelain mignonette dolls.

Dolldom's Secret Summer Chibi, a boy elf who goes by the name of Poc, enjoys hiding behind books, only to come out when one least expects him to, but when he does come out, it's nothing short of magic!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Eu fallo portuguès!

Last April 9 and 10, 2016, The Portuguese Doll Convention took place in Lisbon. The fun event, organized by The Portuguese Doll Collector Club, also raises funds to support SOS Children Village, a non-profit organization that aims to prevent family breakdown and that also cares for children who have lost parental care, or who at risk of losing it. Beautiful OOAK creations were donated by many freelance artists as well as Mattel's Bill Greening. With SOS Children Villages in Bicesse, Guarda e Gulpilhares and three Strengthening Family Programs in Guarda, Rio Maior and Oeiras, The Portuguese Doll Collector Club maximized their fundraising potential of this event by auctioning a small number of of their Official Barbie Convention Souvenir Doll - a variation of The Barbie Fashion Model Collection's Classic Black Dress. Mattel has created variations for doll conventions around the world including Japan, France, and Italy, yet Dolldom believes that the Portuguese version is extra special. Strongly evocative of the classic look of vintage Barbie, this sunny blonde boasts gorgeous red lips, mesmerizing green eyes, and a creamy sun kissed articulated Silkstone body.

Her LBD variation evokes vintage Barbie's PAK sheath with the amusing placement of the bow at the back instead of the front. Classic black high heel pumps complete the forever stylish ensemble, one that is beautiful as-is but that can also become the foundation on which to build diverse looks for The Barbie Doll.

In this Dolldom exclusive,  The Official Barbie Convention Souvenir Doll models her LBD and coats and hats ranging from vintage made-in-Japan treasures to the more recent BFMC.

Classic Barbie beauty for today and for always. Para sempre, Barbie!

Dolldom thanks María Margarida Salvado Campos for her kindness and support in the production of this entry.

Olà! Barbie never looked more fetching. Lariat belt by Joy Jarred.

High Color! The palette used for her make-up is rich and delectable.

Urban Jungle. Barbie models a OOAK recreation of her classic Red Flair coat and a black version of her Commuter Girl flowered bandeau.

Sobriety Above All Else. Barbie can be both sober and stylish. This time she wears Fashion Editor's bouclé car coat over her sheath and carries all important documents in her classic purse.

Lo rouge et le noir. With Fashion Designer's red faille coat and necklace and Roman Holiday's braided bandeau, Barbie is ready to teach her fashion designer apprentices.

In Manhattan! Robert Best-designed orange wool coat for The Breakfast at Tiffany's Collection by Mattel  pairs perfectly with the classic sheath. An orange feather straw bandeau by Maryann Roy completes the fall look. 

Tribute to Charlotte. Barbie dresses like Charlotte Johnson, the famous designer of her early wardrobe, in the often-overlooked Peachy Fleecy coat. A print scarf from Winter in New York and Boulevard's jeweled pin add more layers of vintage style. A portrait of Ruth Handler looks up in approval.

For more information on The Portuguese Doll Collectors' Club Convention for 2017, visit their beautiful blog.