Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Naturally Warm

A respite from the rain allows Viktor to head out into the garden.

His new sweater, made with love in Madrid, will keep him warm and in harmony with his natural surroundings.

Handmade with soft acrylic Turkish angora wool in pink and green tones, this handsome garment evokes a rich palette of mosses, lichens, and young blossoms.

Quite the treat from Bruno Farfallo pour Homme for young Master Dreary!

Bruno Farfallo pour Homme on Etsy

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Just One Look

Just one look and the world recognizes a fashion icon.

Norma Desmond, so aptly played by the iconic Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard, donned a black dressing gown with leopard accents in one of the movies pivotal scenes - the monkey burial arrangement.

Mel Odom's Miss Gene Marshall, in her "It Happened on Fifth Avenue" iteration manufactured by JAMIEshow Dolls, agreed to evoke the look for Dolldom's photographers.

An icon herself, Miss Marshall chose a dark navy blue pinstripe suit by Robert Tonner and a turban and cape set by Liz Retros to recreate the fashionable screen moment.

But it is in Technicolor that Miss Marshall redefines the look and makes it her own.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Choosing a Hat!

Mel Odom's Gene Marshall has been spotted on Fifth Avenue posing in what secret sources state is a 1950 Pierre Balmain design. 

The fashionable look features a new iteration of the famed Miss Marshall in a platinum white pulled-back curled chignon.

The ensemble is finished off with a spiffy boater hat...

...that along with Miss Marshall's very new face-up palette make up for an unforgettable look.

Fashion icon alright!

But wouldn't it be crime to limit a suit of this beauty to just one hat? After all, a classic nay blue suit is such an absolute fashion staple. Why wear it only once?

Dolldom's editors were elated when Miss Marshall agreed to pose for thier cameras modeling different hats to show off the versatility of her "It Happened on Fifth Avenue" suit. 

First off is a Peter Pan black velvet cap adorned with iridescent feathers. The Mike Basala design defines adorable.

For making an entrance that will make everyone forget all other entrances, Miss Marshall poses in a black satin platter hat borrowed from her timeless Lucky Stripe fashion.

Integrity Toy's-produced Cocoa Crisp was issued with a flowered bandeau that, according to Mr. Odom, makes Miss Marshall smile. It's offers an organic counterbalance to the architectural strength of the suit.

Tea Time at The Plaza's bandeau adds a good measure of authority to Miss Marshall's ensemble.

To close, a classic straw chinois by Richard's Originals gives the look a more relaxed feel and perhaps reveals that Miss Marshall is now enjoying the warmer climate of Hollywood. Sunglasses help the star go incognito everywhere!

To find out more about "It Happened on Fifth Avenue Gene Mashall, visit her page at JAMIEshow Dolls. 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

3-D Wigstock

Joey Versaw's Mary Magpie, the very first 3-D printed fashion doll, invited Dolldom to her wig shop. Mary is known for always being perfectly groomed and for being the only fashion model in the world whose hair stays in place during photo sessions. For her wigs, like her, are 3-D printed too and hand painted by Mr. Versaw to complement the specific make-up palette of his dolls.

Dolldom was in awe of the displays. Marta Wigstand models a Waves wig in sunny blonde.

A Magpie wigstand wears a classic Bob in black.

This Bettie wig in Mr. Versaw's signature yellow blonde tempted Mary so much that she decided to model it.

Mary is a blonde!

The Bettie wig in a deep red wine shade is the definition of seductive.

Mary modeled the style in a deep dark chocolate...

and then in a milk chocolate shade.

But then there was blue! Indigo blue!

And Mary modeled it too.

As we exited we noticed yet another wonderful style beckoning us to return to Mary Magpie's wig shop very soon.

To acquire your very own Mary Magpie doll and a wardrobe of 3-D printed wigs, visit her beautiful boutique. 

Mary Magpie wears jewelry by Joy Jarred's fabulous line Exsyntrik.