Saturday, October 17, 2020

Brave New Male

A bold and brave new male.

Self-realized and strong in styles by designer Artem Gryshchenko's
groundbreaking ORTTU
fashion house.

Join the handsome men of NuminaDoll by sculptor Paul Pham as they model LizRetros' interpretations of some of ORTTU's visionary styles.

Dress Me Up
Lucca, a OOAK Argent by Paul Pham, wears LizRetros' take on Orttu's "Cardinal" dress worn with a pair of black knit palazzo pants. Wig by NuminaDoll.

Black for All
Gryshchenko's favorite hue is elegant and daring, be it as a poncho or a Nehru collar dress. Oba and Otto are OOAK versions of NuminaDoll's Aurum sculpt.

Speaking Volumes
Argent, by NuminaDoll, has plenty of options for protection from the wind in LizRetros' poncho and palazzo slacks. Wig by Chewin Doll.

Seth, a OOAK Argent, enjoys the ease of LizRetros' LBD for the brave and bold new male.



Wigs by Chewin Doll 

NuminaDoll by Paul Pham 

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Choosing a Hat

For a little fashion frosting fun, let's choose hat. For no other accessory brings an unexpected touch of mystery, whimsy, or full out glamour like a well-crafted hat.

Labaste-Bestiaire creates fashions and hats that capture the essence of vintage doll design with a profusion of beads, nets, and ribbons. Have a special doll to spoil? Select a fancy chapeau from Labaste-Bestiaire's wide selection of OOAK creations.


Fly, Away! Sophine de Paris keeps her long hair tamed under a feathery pillbox. Dress by Sylvia Campbell. 

I'm a Margarita. Truly Scrumptious models a chrome yellow and white beaded bandeau. 

Diva-Diva-Do! Séverine's the consummate vamp in a velvet-ribbon-over-straw pillbox, adorned with pearl garlands. Dress by LizRetros.

Cornucopia. An abundance of beauty in magenta silk satin, golden lace, and cherry red sequins for a spellbinding "Color Magic" Barbie doll. Necklace by Exsyntrik.