Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Urban Turban

"The turban. Are we really ready for it?" At DOLLDOM, we smile when we learn of the so-called challenges of the world-at-large as for some of our most stylish denizens the turban has always been a surefire outil de glamour. Like the nude head, the turban stylizes the wearer and makes all eyes focus on the face. Self-perceived pioneers, like Mary Kate Olsen, have dared something like the turban but acts that lack real conviction seldom lead to victory. On the other side of failure, were success reigns supreme and Shocking by Schiaparelli scents the air, Hong Kong Lilli pays tribute to fabulous 40's fashion in a turban that would make Paul Poiret cry with envy. This bejeweled jewel, above left, by Liz Cole boasts sixty-nine beads.
Joan Crawford illustrates that a simple black silk turban is all a face - well, her fantastic face - needs to stun and bewitch adults and children alike. Our advice? Live the Life Deluxe and by all means do what Norma Desmond did - wrap your pretty head in beaded silk brocade.

Summer Gold

So what is a glam puss to do when the gala event takes place in summertime? Go for the gold. The precious metal's hue compliments all skin tones adding the sun's glow to your presence. Ivy Jordan (Dolldom's favorite movie director) shines in a Tim Alberts' halter gown, circa 1995.
Madra Lord and American Girl Barbie go the Retros route and don a fantastic gold sheath with a flirty turquoise tulle over skirt and matching gloves. Fantabulous! 
Dazzle in gold!