Friday, November 5, 2021

In Italia

Anouk, the fashion doll by Nav Sikand, debuted her Série 5 last May 2021. Inspired by vintage Furga Alta Moda dolls from the late 1960s, this latest collection continues to provide Anouk with a fantastic wardrobe and unique accessories to enrich her display. The fashion booklet, illustrated by Brazilian artist Dilhermando de Assis, is pure vintage fun. 

The ordering process allows the collector to have a say in the way that their dolls will look, as Sikand generously allows customers to select  both doll and outfit. This exclusive entry features Dolldom's mix-and-match choices. 

Romantica comes with a hot pink phone so Anouk may rehearse her lines for Cocteau's  La voix humaine

Ippica is a suit that Rupaul could wear!

Zivago is red drama. A coat with authority. 

"A Paraggi" recalls sunny days in Positano. 

Costa Smeralda is night-time allure to the nth degree.

La poupée mannequin Anouk

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Patience for the 60s

Wilde Imagination's Patience continues to explore the far-out 1960s! From groovy color combos to fab silhouettes, Patience evokes the ethos of a decade of immense innovation in design. With dresses created by The Windy City Shop, Patience goes from ingenue to sophisticate. Boss!

Inspired by a vibrant color combo, Patience's formal is luscious and playful. 

Belle toujours, with an air of Saint Laurent...

Breakfast, snacks, desserts...

with a LBD inspired by Givenchy...