Monday, August 31, 2015

En noir

Classic hue. Solemn. Impacting. Absolute. Black. For some the only choice. Dolldom begins September 2015 exploring the depths of the color of night with a photo portfolio featuring some of the moment's most desirable supermodels: JAMIEshow's Sofia and Marlena, Tonner's Marley Wentworth, and Mel Odom's "Black Lipstick" Gene Marshall as produced by the groundbreaking JAMIEshow.

Marlena! In net and sequins as envisioned by Liz Cole for Retros, Marlena models a beehive wig by Ilaria Mazzoni for Time of Doll.

Glamour unending

Marley Wentworth is all grown up. She has quite the penchant for vintage looks and chooses Gene Marshall's "Little Black Dress" designed by Tim Kennedy and a cap by REMCO for Dr. John Littlechap.

Marley strikes a pose.

Sofia! An LBD of immense beauty and lasting power by Madeleine Rose Couture for JAMIEshow.

Molto bella! Sofia wears a blonde "Claudette" rooted wigcap by JAMIEshow.
Grand finale....

Mel Odom's ultra glamorous "Black Lipstick" Gene Marshall as produced by JAMIEshow is resplendent in Sofia's "On Michigan Avenue" organza embroidered dress and a Sofia wigcap in grey.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Back-to-School with Brikette!


Vogue Doll Company of Medford, Massachusetts offered this most unique babe in 1959 in an impressive 22-inch size. Born in Italy as a Bonomi doll, Brikette sold in the USA as a licensed copy. With her "Orange Crush" blunt cut and green-as-chlorophyll flirtatious gaze, Brikette jumped into the scene to wonder and bewilder many a child. For who could resist her charms?

In 1960, Vogue issued a 16" version which Dolldom profiles in its tribute to the joys of this back-to-school time of the year. As children prepare for another year of fun academic endeavors, many of them demanding historical (and some may say hysterical) research, Dolldom also offers important information about Brikette's past.

For in 1963, Brikette was cast as Talky Tina in the Season Five, Episode Six ( titled "Living Doll") of the iconic TV show The Twilight Zone.

Let's watch Brikette as she acts her way to infamy. Now, Dolldom would like to do a bit of revisionism and propose that instead of being a scary, murderous doll, Talky Tina was simply a doll that had the guts to say no to a bully. Not a bad message to impart! 

All conflicts aside, Brikette remains an unforgettable doll with great fashion aspirations as the following publicity and advertising photos prove.

Dolldom's exclusive portfolio features a 16-inch Brikette in her original fashion as well as with an alternate skirt and blouse set, perhaps made for another doll, but that offers our "impish show-off" a second style in which to bring joy to any household.

"Hola, me llamo Brikette y soy tu amiga."

Brikette's swivel waist allows her to dance happily in the garden.

"Hello, Brikette, I'm a wind-up bear made in the Soviet Union!" "Hello, there comrade bear!"

Sunday, August 16, 2015


Unforgettable beauty. Unforgettable Gene Marshall.

Mel Odom's grand lady of cinema, in her exquisite "Phoenix" iteration produced by JAMIEshow Dolls, models one of her most iconic looks from the Ashton-Drake period.

Designed by Dolly Cipolla, the circa 1957 gown is a tribute to floral beauty.

In a wig restyled by the magical Kathy Johnson and with jewelry by VJT Designs, Miss Marshall is the epitome of not-to-be-forgotten glamour.

 Story Card by Ashton-Drake:

"New York City has always held a soft, sentimental spot in its worldly heart for Gene Marshall. After all, she was 'discovered' there working in a movie theater (which all the local point to with pride). Plus, her family is from Cos Cobb, Connecticut, and that's close enough for New Yorkers to consider Gene a hometown girl. So New York was thrilled when Gene came 'home' to film PERSONAL SECRETARY in Manhattan. All throughout shooting, the media kept anticipation at a fever-pitch with feature stories about Gene on-and-off camera. When the night of the premiere came, New Your City celebrated as only the Big Apple can. Massive spotlights swept the sky outside the same movie theater that Gene once worked as an usherette. The excitedly buzzing crowds were held back by velvet-roped stanchions, while mounted police stood by. A platinum silver limousine purred to a stop at the head of the red carpet, and out stepped Gene. She uncurled from the shadowy limo like a sleek, curvaceous feline, wearing a sultry mermaid gown of rich Dubonnet wine that lovingly graced every contour. Her platinum hair shone like sterling silver in the flashbulbs, and her acclaimed smile was as dazzling as her jewelry. With hundreds of fans cheering her. Mom and Dad in the front row, and lavish bouquets in her hotel suite form four well-known leading men... this night was unforgettable for both Gene and New York City."

Queen Sofia's Princes

There's a new queen in town and she comes along with two royal consorts.

JAMIEshow's "On Michigan Avenue" basics Sofia, Tatum and Alejandro visited Dolldom to model their black organza fashions and we must declare that this royal trio is nothing short of fabulous.

Royal Trio: Tatum, Sofia, and Alejandro "On Michigan Avenue"

"On Michigan Avenue" by JAMIEshow Dolls
Furniture by Darren Cole
Sofia's necklace by Joy Jarred

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Her Secret Garden

It's a secret enclave, the product of rêverie. "Onyx's" dreams...

It's a place to enjoy the scent of moss at dusk and to wear a palette of crimson, black, and white.

"Onyx", tall, dark and handsome, enters in the rainbow's most passionate hue. Tyler Wentworth's "Radical Red" is as rich a treasure of textures as the surrounding forest.

Lips red as blood shed by fingers pricked by a rose's thorns match both her dress and her most secret longings.

There, amidst the decaying chlorophyll of springs long past, "Onyx" glistens in a gown of a million and one pailletes, that just like a million and one tiny black scarabs, shine when touched by moonlight.

Her top hat means that there may be a formal affair happening tonight.

Midnight approaches. Time for rituals and ceremonies in "Basique Black" tunic and mermaid skirt.

Dawn arrives in a Maggy Rouff dress the color of bleached bone. Her patent leather boots provide ease of mounting and riding her steed. A playful plaid cap - why not? A gift from Dr. John Littlechap.

Time to retire  - midday approaches and with it the dappled intrusions of the sun. In her secret garden  "Onyx" will close her eyes and dream of dusk encased in the protective beauty of a spider's geometry.

Farewell, enchanted "Onyx".

"Onyx" (Venus Clone 779) by Superdoll
Hats by Peggy Feltrope  
Spider bracelet by Joy Jarred

Friday, August 7, 2015

World Beauty by RDGDOLL

The models of Keith Kwek's Rêves d'un Garçon celebrate the beauty of women the world over. Soo, Liya, Ujjwala, Coco, and Kya celebrate multi ethnic beauty. Growing up in the multi-cultural country of Singapore, Mr. Kwek failed to find an abundance of the same  in the doll world. So when he had plans to re-launch RDGDOLL in 2014, Mr. Kwek wanted three faces that would represent the major ethnicities of the world. Coco, Kya and Soo, like their predecessors, stayed true with the brand's philosophy in its appreciation of beauty from diverse ethnicities. The newest faces boast very distinctive ethnic features. But that said,  these sculpts transcend their intended ethnicity with their reincarnation in different skin tones. For example, Soo as Ujjwala looks like a gorgeous South Indian, and Coco as Liya looks like an exquisite Ethopian.

Ujjwala wears Tommy Doll's marvelous interpretation of YSL's LBD for Luis Buñuel's Belle de jour. Wig by Time of Doll.

Liya is all sobered up in Tyler Wentworth's Boutique skirt and an organza blouse by JAMIEShow. Necklace by Joy Jarred. Wig by Time of Doll.

Soo is elegant in Tommy Doll's luxurious silk ensemble. Wig by Chewin.

Ujjwala goes vintage in Tonner Doll'd tribute to Le Théâtre de la Mode. Wig by Chewin.

Read the complete feature in the current issue of FDQ magazine.