Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Her Secret Garden

It's a secret enclave, the product of rêverie. "Onyx's" dreams...

It's a place to enjoy the scent of moss at dusk and to wear a palette of crimson, black, and white.

"Onyx", tall, dark and handsome, enters in the rainbow's most passionate hue. Tyler Wentworth's "Radical Red" is as rich a treasure of textures as the surrounding forest.

Lips red as blood shed by fingers pricked by a rose's thorns match both her dress and her most secret longings.

There, amidst the decaying chlorophyll of springs long past, "Onyx" glistens in a gown of a million and one pailletes, that just like a million and one tiny black scarabs, shine when touched by moonlight.

Her top hat means that there may be a formal affair happening tonight.

Midnight approaches. Time for rituals and ceremonies in "Basique Black" tunic and mermaid skirt.

Dawn arrives in a Maggy Rouff dress the color of bleached bone. Her patent leather boots provide ease of mounting and riding her steed. A playful plaid cap - why not? A gift from Dr. John Littlechap.

Time to retire  - midday approaches and with it the dappled intrusions of the sun. In her secret garden  "Onyx" will close her eyes and dream of dusk encased in the protective beauty of a spider's geometry.

Farewell, enchanted "Onyx".

"Onyx" (Venus Clone 779) by Superdoll
Hats by Peggy Feltrope  
Spider bracelet by Joy Jarred


  1. Beautiful photos and beautiful writing. :). She is a gorgeous doll!

    1. Thank you! Glad that you like the writing too. I thought it required something more stylized than mere "fashion talk."

  2. Just stunning she is! And that wardrobe!!! Great pictures, I always enjoy your beautiful photos :-).

    1. Thank you, Linda. The Sybarites are truly special faces.

  3. What a beautiful story you told Ernesto!!!! Thank You❤