Friday, November 23, 2018

Like a Hot Toddy

This winter, stay warm and cozy in a HillCrestBarbies sweater dress. Expertly knitted by Henrietta Lockhart, the sweater dress goes from office to party and keeps the wearer comfortable and chic.

A delectable trio made with fine yarns and ingenious patterns.

Blues and pinks abound in a dynamic play of vertical and horizontal lines. Hair by Pink Bubbles Doll Spa.

A patchwork-look pattern imparts an evocative 1970s vibe.

A beautiful neckline accompanies the shorter hemline of this eye-catching number.

Everlasting Allure

Time passes, the world continues to turn, and we forge on. But one day, our eyes encounter a familiar face, visiting from the past, and that meeting reveals a truth: a doll's everlasting allure.

Robert Tonner's Sydney Chase is such a character, one that changed the face of the fashion doll collecting scene along with her sister-in-couture Tyler Wentworth (who turns 20 in 2019). But this is Sydney's moment as she basks in soft, fall evening light. In her 2003 Ready-to-Wear iteration, Sydney has a straight arm body, bending legs and "Copper" Saran hair. But perhaps it is the face-up (yes, the eyes are hand painted) with its pale and natural palette that makes this face so powerfully alluring. After all, it was Sydney Chase who made the pout the ultimate fashion accessory and many dollies after her have followed and continue to follow suit.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Francie and SquishTish

Joana Costa, owner and designer of SquishTish, is known for her handmade clothing for dolls. SquishTish always surprises with a well-curated selection of textiles unlike anything else in the market. SquishTish's designs are exemplars of classic simplicity with clean lines, youthful silhouettes, and a most precise fit.

MODenr cousin Francie, in her "Kitty Corner Silkstone" iteration (restyled by genius extraordinaire Bobby Taylor of Pink Bubbles Doll Spa) models a pitch-perfect ode to the 1960s: two darling dresses that evoke the art of Vera Newman - fresh, new, joyful.

Dolldom wishes to thank Joana Costa and SquishTish for another inspiring collaboration. Muito obrigado!