Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Thank you, 2014!

As the year ends, Dolldom takes the opportunity to celebrate dolls and to thank many with whom we have collaborated to make "life de luxe in a smaller scale"a possibility. The celebration party (only dolls should go to parties and, as BillyBoy* once said, wear haute couture) was attended by many of Dolldom most beloved denizens and these candid shots are but a mere sample of the fun they had. We hope that you enjoy them. And, by the way, thank you, dear readers, for your visits and comments all throughout the year.

Thank you....

Liz Cole and Retros for always being willing to make the dreams reality!

Thank you, Mel Odom, for creating a rich universe of Hollywood glamour. Your art in doll form is the source of joyful dreams.

Thank you, George González and JAMIEshow for allowing Dolldom to photograph your beautiful Madra and Violet for Haute Doll magazine. Thank you too for creating Lee, Alejandro, Marlena, and Natalie.

Thank you, Robert Tonner, for the giving Dolldom the honor of photographing the first issue of the Carmen Dell'Orefice doll and for creating so many of Dolldom's favorite dolls.

Thank you, Pink Bubbles Spa, for making our ladies even more beautiful.

Thank you, Franklin Lim-Liao, for being a source of the very best in dolls and for always sharing your amazing collection of vintage treasures for photography.

Thank you, Pat Henry, for the joy of collaborating with you in FDQ magazine. Here's to more fun in 2015.

Thank you, Travis Kaller, for always being a friend of Dolldom and for inspiring us with ideas. 

Thank you, Joy Jarred, for the gorgeous jewelery that adorns many a neck at Dolldom.

Thank you, Keith Kwek and RDG Doll, for the elegance and beauty of Soo, Liyia, and Ujjwala.

Thank you, Joey Versaw, for the pleasure of Mary Magpie and the "First Love" gang.

Thank you, Tommy Courtney, for inspiring many an entry and for sharing your knowledge via Tommy Doll. 


Here's to a peaceful and healthful 2015!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Tiny Tree

Tiny. Small. Reduced in size. That's the Dolldom motto. And luxe is never better than when in miniature. To extend the theme, Dolldom presents its Tannenbaum. A three foot tree in white goose feathers, this baby wonder houses many little ornaments, most figural, and all looking as if the came out of Mrs. Haversham's house. Dolldom believes that old ornies ought to have a place to live and that the patina of surviving time's passage is a great badge of courage. So here it is! Surrounded by beloved dolls and toys, the Dolldom Tannenbaum wishes you a happy Christmas.