Sunday, February 23, 2020

Little Heads, Big Fun!

Joey Versaw's A Little Head dolls visit Dolldom for a Rockabilly-infused gathering.

The concept originated by Versaw in 2017 features two of his most unique sculpts: Gum and Flannery. Realized in quality vinyl with silky rooted hair, the hand painted heads are placed on fashion doll bodies and the rest is all play.

For this exclusive portfolio, a brunette Gum wears a current Ken fashion pack and Integrity Toy's sneakers. A blonde Gum with long ponytail wears Integrity Toy's brocaded jacket, shorts and sneakers. Blonde Flannery models Poppy Parker's "Ma petite fleur", Superstar Barbie black heels, and a Enid Collins inspired poodle purse by LizRetros.Their furniture is by The Atomic Doll on Etsy.

For more on Versaw's A Little Head dolls, visit his boutique.

Monday, February 3, 2020

A Style of Character

As diversity and inclusion become the norm in the world of fashion, character takes center stage. Crumbling canons of beauty make way for the emergence of the soulful attitude.

Dolldom is proud to introduce Otto, a NuminaDoll Aurum cast in pale resin. Inspired by models Leo Jonah and Shaun Ross and created by sculptor extraordinaire Paul Pham, Otto is a perfect example of the power of character. Strong, unique, spirited, all that Otto needs is a pair of faded jeans (also by NuminaDoll) to create images of elevated style.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Feeling Kicky

Poppy Parker is feeling kicky! And Dolldom celebrates her fresh look with an exclusive portfolio of the perky platinum blonde in a classic houndstooth skirt with black turtleneck sweater and a sexy black patent knee-high boots!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Day Number One

Dolldom celebrates the new decade commemorating the past - 1959 to be exact- year of the introduction of the vinyl blonde bombshell, the Barbie doll. And on this first day of the year 2020, two beautiful evocations of the alluring style of the Number One Barbie doll grace our virtual pages.

Several readers asked for comparison photos of the two most recent reinterpretations of the iconic doll: Mattel's 75th Anniversary Silkstone Barbie doll and 2009's My Favorite Barbie from 1959. Here they are delighting us with their mysterious gazes!

This exclusive portfolio is meant to illustrate the differences as well as the similarities. What it is not meant to elicit is a comparison of superiority as any choice made would be based on subjectivity and as such would be the product of the eye of the beholder.

For Dolldom, both reiterations of the Number One Barbie doll represent the vision of Ruth Handler, one that combined with - we assume- serendipitous occurrences yielded a doll with white irises, heavy black eyeliner, arched eyebrows, deep red lips, curly bangs with ponytail and a silhouette made to compliment the couture of the times.

Our wish is that you enjoy the photos in peace, health, and a sense of childlike wonder!

Best of best for the new decade!

Note: My Favorite Barbie 1959 from 2009 was restyled by Bobby Taylor of Pink Bubbles Doll Spa. We thank him again for sharing his talent with Dolldom.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Black Is Best

As the decade closes, The Barbie Fashion Model Collection also prepares to close its atelier. The line that catapulted the Barbie doll back into the fashion stratosphere with its attention to details, classic couture, and the introduction of the Silkstone body sculpt is coming to an end. Under the direction of Mr. Robert Best for the past twenty years, The Barbie Fashion Model Collection has given us a myriad of delights, making this line one of the high points of Barbie style.

Best in Black Barbie doll is the first offering for the last year. In her mini dress with leg-of-mutton sleeves, Barbie cuts an ultra-sophisticated figure, rather stark, and classic. The calf-high sheer stockings add a playful touch and Barbie's gorgeous mane, gathered at the crown, is a mix of varying shades of sunny blond. It is an elegant look that stands on its own as well as lends itself to the addition of embellishments.

For this Dolldom exclusive, Best in Black Barbie opted to add some golden touches: the chain necklace with Maltese cross charm from Dusk to Dawn and a chain bracelet with classic Ponytail Barbie charm offered with Début Barbie.  

Best in Black Barbie is ready for anything: cocktail party, lecture at FIT, book signing event, even a visit to a place of worship. For who in the human realm would not be delighted to have Best in Black Barbie attend one's wedding or, by the same token, one's funeral? Dolldom firmly believes in stylish beginnings and stylish ends.

Note: Best in Black Barbie's hair was given a blowout for these photos.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

A First for a First

Mattel Toys celebrates its 75th Anniversary in 2020. To commemorate the achievement, the Barbie Team at the famed toy maker has designed, under the direction of Bill Greening, a tribute to the doll that started the revolution of fashion dolls back in 1959. The very first Barbie doll, known as Number One 1 Barbie, is the jewel in many lucky collections. Magical and mysterious, the doll is a cultural icon of sorts. With white irises and blood red lips, the look of the very first Barbie doll is drama condensed.

As the Barbie doll has had milestones, Mattel has produced versions of the first Barbie. One iteration failed to materialize in spite of it being imagined by many collectors since the inception of the Barbie Fashion Model Collection and created by many doll artists using dolls from this line. But finally, as the first decade of the 21st century draws to a close, Mattel regales its collectors with the very first Number One 1 Barbie doll made of Silkstone.

Made with care and with vintage collectors' mindset in mind, this latest iteration brings together the heft of the resin-like material, finely-detailed and beautifully manicured fingers, the famed bathing suit cut to fit like a glove (no double sided tape to hold it on Barbie's bosom), and a daringly intense make-up design. This new Number One pays tribute to the legacy of Ruth Handler not by intending to be a copy but rather by ushering a new way to enjoy a quality doll that channels the essential allure of Barbie's first look.

This exclusive portfolio of portraits is dedicated to the memory of Dolldom friend Franklin Lim-Liao who shared many a Number One 1 Barbie doll with us.

Dolldom thanks Pretty Dollz Inc for their support in the making of this entry.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

This Is Now

Mattel Toys surprised collectors this week with the release of the anticipated BMR1959 line, designed by Carlyle Nuera. Combining the exuberance of the Barbie Benetton line from the early 1990s with Nuera's unique take on street wear, the line is refreshing and exciting.  Much to collectors' delight, BMR1959 offers two male dolls that, in Dolldom's opinion, almost steal the show with a series of firsts for Ken doll aficionados: a rooted man bun and a beat face. About time, we say! The dolls feature the new Made to Move body that gives them many posing options.

In this Dolldom exclusive, BMR1959 Ken dolls define iconic. If you haven't yet, check them out.  They are perfect fun for today and will be referential in the not-so-distant future. Congratulations to Mattel and Carlyle Nuera for breaking boundaries and creating really handsome dolls.