Saturday, November 28, 2020

Bella Lalka

 A beautiful doll. 

Lalka 2 (aka Little Miss Lolita) by Julian Kalinowski comes to cheer us all.

In fashions by LizRetros, Rosina Haskell, and HillcrestBarbies, Kalinowski's Black version of his latest hand painted, hand coiffed doll is a joyous celebration. 

For the pleasure of your own Lalka 2, visit Kalinowski's boutique or contact him directly for a commission. 

Ciao, biondo! 
In Olganomi's plaid bubble dress, Lalka goes a little retro and a little country. 

Crochet Wonder 
In Rosina Haskell's delicate tribute to the sheath, Lalka 2 is pure elegance. 

A colorful and lovely maillot de bain for pool or beach days. 

Fanta, Fanta!
In HillCrestBarbies Fanta orange knit sheath, Lalka 2 is as good as a 1000 mg of vitamin C! Beaded hat by Labaste-Bestiaire. 

Friday Evening
Lalka 2 gets glammed up in Rosina Haskell's golden coat and sheath ensemble. Picture hat by Maryann Roy. 

Baby, Blue!
It's gala time in Rosina Haskell's tribute to the ball gown. 

Necklace by Exsyntrik 

Lalka 2 loves Rosina Haskell's cotton dress with chimney collar!

Au revoir!
Lalka will be back. She leaves you with a lasting impression in LizRetros' shantung silk dancing dress. 

For the pleasure of your own Lalka 2, visit Kalinowski's boutique or contact him directly for a commission. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Hvala Dolls in FDQ Magazine

A gathering of deities dressed to impress in the unique styles of Hvala Dolls, brainchild of Croatian designer PJ Nox, in the current Holiday issue of Fashion Doll Quarterly magazine. To whet your appetite for the feature in the magazine (downloadable now), Dolldom presents some teaser shots. 

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Mostafa Is His Name

 What's in a name? Everything. 

Mostafa, meaning the chosen one in Arabic, is one of the names of Muhammad. And this OOAK NuminaDoll Argent, sculpted by the gifted Paul Pham, carries it with honor and pride. For Pham is a visionary artist whose pro-active commitment to diversity and representation is unparalleled in the realm of 1/4 scale ball jointed dolls.

Pham gave life to Mostafa, crafted of dark tan resin, with an inspired face-up, seductive five o'clock shadow, and detailed manicure and pedicure. His wig, made of fine mohair, was also handmade by the sculptor. 

In this Dolldom entry, Mostafa models fashions by the equally talented Chewin Doll.

Crème de la crème 
Mostafa models a cotton satin suit with Nehru collar by Chewin Doll. Blue suede boots by NuminaDoll. 

Mood Indigo
Blue suit, short and tie by Chewin Doll.

Action Hero
In a vest and slacks by Chewin Doll, Mostafa shows off his well-toned arms. 

Coat and jeans by Chewin Doll mix well with a mesh tank. 

Sunday, November 15, 2020


 What's a doll to wear? The sempiternal question is best answered with this fab trio of photos of Sylvain by Julian Kalinowski wearing the inspired designs of Hvala Dolls by PJ Nox. There is new energy in the air with Hvala Doll's aesthetic! 

Nox's designs for the 1/4 set, will be featured in FDQ's Holiday 2020 issue - keep your eyes out for it.
In the meantime, visit Hvala Dolls' boutique on Etsy.