Saturday, November 21, 2020

Mostafa Is His Name

 What's in a name? Everything. 

Mostafa, meaning the chosen one in Arabic, is one of the names of Muhammad. And this OOAK NuminaDoll Argent, sculpted by the gifted Paul Pham, carries it with honor and pride. For Pham is a visionary artist whose pro-active commitment to diversity and representation is unparalleled in the realm of 1/4 scale ball jointed dolls.

Pham gave life to Mostafa, crafted of dark tan resin, with an inspired face-up, seductive five o'clock shadow, and detailed manicure and pedicure. His wig, made of fine mohair, was also handmade by the sculptor. 

In this Dolldom entry, Mostafa models fashions by the equally talented Chewin Doll.

Crème de la crème 
Mostafa models a cotton satin suit with Nehru collar by Chewin Doll. Blue suede boots by NuminaDoll. 

Mood Indigo
Blue suit, short and tie by Chewin Doll.

Action Hero
In a vest and slacks by Chewin Doll, Mostafa shows off his well-toned arms. 

Coat and jeans by Chewin Doll mix well with a mesh tank. 


  1. Tak :0) "Creme de la creme";0)
    Piękna sesja, chłopak wyjątkowo uroczy, cudnie wyrzeźbiony i do tego świetnie ubrany :0)
    Zachwycający :0)
    Szkoda, że poza moim zasięgiem ;0)
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie Ernesto :0)

    1. Thank you, MokikaS, for your comment and visit. Mostafa is very flattered.

  2. Your pictures are so amazing. Waw 😲

    1. Thank you so much! Mostafa is photo worthy.

  3. Mostafa is a stunning doll, with a beautiful face-up. He looks good in everything he's wearing in your photos, and the hair-dos are all very flattering. Congratulations with this fabulous boy!