Saturday, March 11, 2023

Cool Blue

At the beginning of the 21st century, a beautifully creative collaboration between Tonner Doll Company and Reverie Publishing began: High Style magazine.  Each issue featured exclusive photography and stories, and, most delightfully, accompanied a limited edition doll from Tonner's Tyler Wentworth line. For the debut issue 20 years ago, 2003's High Style, published by Thomas Farrell and Krystyna Goddu, spotlighted a blonde goddess in an ice blue gown fit for a James Bond movie! And who else but Sydney Chase

With an asymmetrical Sassoon-style platinum bob, blue eyes (a first for Miss Chase), and her wildly popular pout in deep rose, Sydney wore a silk and Lurex long sleeved gown with a boat neck collar and a glimmering fishtail skirt, cut on the bias. But what made (and makes) this gem of design grand are the expertly achieved cut-outs at the sides of the bodice that gather at front center in an illusion knot embroidered with ice blue bugle beads. The look was daringly sexy, proud of its sparkling blueness, and strong. Not every 20 year-old gown can claim to be ready for any red-carpet event today, but 2003 High Style magazine's, in our opinion, does.

Dolldom was very lucky to be part of High Style and produced, in harmonious collaboration with Goddu, many features celebrating the world of Robert Tonner's Tyler Wentworth

Today, we celebrate High Style Sydney with yet another exclusive portfolio. This time, though, the delight with which we undertake this feature is even more, for as time passes, one cannot but idealize further what was a pretty ideal time in fashion doll collecting, when in-person trade and doll shows abounded, when photography was still made with Velvia 50 slide film, when the quality in doll making made it evident that the sky was the limit. 

Here's to High Style magazine in all of its fabulousness. Here's to Sydney Chase in all of her eternal mystique. Here's to the power of fashion doll play. 

Saturday, March 4, 2023

The Company You Keep

Lilli Lalka is enjoying her return in the company of David Rose, textile designer extraordinaire, who has collaborated with doll maker Julian Kalinowski in the creation of prints that take us back, as if by time machine, to the world of mother lode of all fashion dolls in the 1:6 scale. Also collaborating in this project is legendary milliner Waka Murai, whose straw hats add texture and saturated color to Lilli Lalka's wardrobe.

In such great company, Kalinowski's Lilli Lalka is bound to make spring flowers swoon! 

"Pet Smart"
In comfy knits and a warm and fuzzy coat, Lilli Lalka walks the pooches.

"In and Out"
Prints by David Rose for coming and going in style!

"Always on Sunday"
Lilli's tennis dress stands in a blouse along with a full A-line skirt in a David Rose design. 

"Cuando calienta el sol"
When it gets warmer, Lilli Lalka will pull out her cuffed short and a cool gauze blouse. The straw hat by Waka Murai imparts even more punch to this casual look.