Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ring In The New

It's that time of year!

Dolldom rings out the old and rings in the new with all its readers and friends with a monochromatic extravaganza featuring Mel Odom's glamorous Monolithic Studios crowd as manufactured by JAMIEshow Dolls.

Red is for love, of course, but it is also the color of the spirited pursuits of passion.

Maraschino Mix
It's all about intoxicating red, perfect for a holiday gala: "Phoenix" in "Unforgettable," Ivy in "All Dolled-Up" and Zita in Sandra Stillwell's "Toast of Manhattan."

Really Rouge
It's a passionate hue! Violet wears satin by Retros, Zita dons her "Silhouette of the 1930's" dress and a silver lariat by Joy Jarred, and Ivy is a glamour puss in FDQ's "J'adore" suit.

Green is the color of creative energy, of life, of seduction...

Verdant Victory
How green is their valley! Violet croons in a Tyler Wentworth suit, Zita sizzles in Michael Basala elegance, and "White Orchid" Gene seduces in "Green with Envy." Jewelry by Joy Jarred.

As in a Forest Glen 
Ivy is fern-fresh in her "Silhouette of the 1950s" dress, Madra slithers in "My Favorite Gift" and Oona steals the show in Retros' beaded cape and dress set. Hat by Michael Basala.

Blue is for reflection, introspection, calmness, deep and heartfelt emotions...

Blue Moon 
A musical evening is sweet thanks to Violet Water's melodious voice and her "Starlight Canteen's" gown.

Navy Vamps 
The ladies of Monolithic Studios arrive en masse! What out Reuben Lilienthal! Ivy chooses "Tea at The Plaza," "J'adore" Gene goes for "Mood Indigo" and a Peggy Feltrope top hat, and Oona goes all out in her "Cool Breeze in Vegas" sheath.

Pink is the fragrance of late spring, the color of joyful clouds in the sun, of cotton candy...

Time for Pink Bubbles 
Zita is the hostess with the mostess in Laurie Lyon's "Sophisticated Dress." Trent mixes the Mimosas in his "Le Jazz Hot" fashion as Ivy arrives in her "Pearls and Pink" suit.

Royal Roses
Princess Gene in her "Phoenix" iteration greets visiting dignitaries in "Avant Garde." Queen Oona smiles in approval in a gown called "Triumph." Necklace by VJT Designs.

Black! Where all colors come to hide when they need a respite from light.

Black and White Star Quality "Black Lipstick" shines in monochrome in a black satin dress and hat by Brenda Starr.

A Great LBD
"Black Lipstick" Gene shows off her curves in "Rich Girl's" sensational LBD and a necklace by Joy Jarred.

Dolldom wishes you peace, health, love, and plenty of opportunities to pursue creative endeavors in 2017!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Molded Models

Séverine, the iconic OOAK vintage doll by Julian Kalinowski, wondered what it would feel like to have molded hairstyles. Luckily, her friend, 1963 American Character Popi doll, the pop-apart fashion model doll, lent her hers! The looks, well, pop out of the ordinary. Vive la différence!

Brunette Pageboy! Precious!

Titian Bob! Oh, Boy!

Peach Blonde Chignon! Cheers!

Raven Bob! Gobsmackingly Beautiful!

Séverine by Julian Kalinowski
Dress by Liz Retros
Necklace by Joy Jarred

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Dolldom's Holiday Wishbook

Who recalls the arrival of the Sears Wishbook? Or was it Spiegel's? Marshall Fields' or JC Penney's? Montgomery Wards'? Whichever tome made it to your childhood household, we are sure that you as a child (many of us still are) felt great excitement discovering the latest toy and doll offerings for the upcoming holiday. For Christmas 2016, Dolldom aims to convey the marvel felt by young eyes pouring over the photos of toys and dolls galore.

It's that time again! Sit in a comfortable chair and choose your favorites from Dolldom's Holiday Wishbook!

Ready for Spring Rain. A vintage 14" Sweet Sue Sophisticate by American Character promises playtime in the spring in her Tonner/Effanbee reproduction of Fashion Toni's wet weather wear.

Wind Me Up! A Russian-made wind up bear circa 1970s holds an nondescript object (missile, baby bottle) and drinks from it when wound up. Dolldom likes the odd too.

Belle poupée!  Anouk by Nav Sikand offers the feel and scents of 1960s European fashion dolls. Anouk wears a necklace by Joy Jarred. Anouk's hair was restyled by the master of hair Bobby Taylor at Pink Bubbles Doll Spa.

I Want a Pet Monkey! Options abound this year! From an organ grinder's companion to a small smiling chimp, no child will grow up without the company of the creature from whom he or she evolved.

I'll Dress You Up with My Love! Tammy by Ideal is the perfect choice for those who love to dress and redress and redress their dolls. Gorgeous high color blonde Tammy had her hair refreshed by the master of the flawless do, Mr. Bobby Taylor. Tammy wears separates from her line.

Sophisticated Lady. In everyone's wish list is a chic Séverine by Julian Kalinowski, dressed in black by Rosina Haskell for more drama.

Mod Bird! A Silsktone Francie is perfection when her hair is redone by Bobby Taylor. This style replicates one of Catherine Deneuve's looks in the film Belle de jour.

That's Our Baby Suzy Cute! Because every child should have a baby doll to develop life-giving and life-sustaining instincts. Made By Deluxe Reading, this little darling drinks and wets and raises her arms too.

Beauty in 3-D!  No Christmas morning would be complete without a Mary Magpie doll by Joey Versaw. Mary Magpie is the world's very first 3-D printed fashion doll that also comes with 3-D printed wigs. All of this computer generated reality then gets hand painted and assembled by Mr. Versaw. What a triumph of extremes! Mary wears a reproduction by Marirose.

Sneak Peek! Only for you, dear Dolldom readers, here they are: the mysterious trio known as the S Girls: Sylvain, Stella, and Sable. The newest venture of Julian Kalinowski, the dolls feature different face sculpts, all hand painted by their creator. Could the whole affair be more OOAK? Fashions by Clare Duncan.

Grand Finale. The vintage dream of Mel Odom closes our catalog of toy wonders. Gene Marshall and Trent Osborn, manufactured with focused attention to detail and quality by JAMIEshow Dolls, allow us to enter an idealized vision of Old Hollywood where one's fatigued psyche can take a rest and revel in its beauty. Dolls from this year's "Hollywood Canteen" convention.

May all your toy and doll wishes come true!

Resources for readers:

JAMIEshow Dolls

Mary Magpie by Joey Versaw

Joy Jarred Jewelry

Marirose Designs

Dolls by Julian S. Kalinowski


Rosina Haskell Design

Pink Bubbles Doll Spa

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Holiday Magic

It's the ultimate holiday event for 1956: Gene Marshall's television special broadcast from New York City. And the entire Monolithic Studios' crowd is scheduled to appear. They have all made the trek from sunny Hollywood to join in the fun!

A preview, you say? Dolldom gladly obliges with this exclusive portfolio of Monolithic Studios' galaxy of stars wearing the most luscious holiday finery.

Miss Gene Marshall ("Hollywood Canteen" version produced by Mel Odom and JAMIEshow) will open the television extravaganza singing "Winter Wonderland" in "Holiday Magic" designed by Tim Kennedy and produced by Ashton-Drake.

Her lovely raven wig is also a "Hollywood Canteen" JAMIEShow Convention exclusive.

Madra Lord ("Hollywood Canteen" version as produced by Mel Odom and JAMIEshow) will be a sensation in "Highland Fling" also designed by Tim Kennedy and produced by Ashton Drake. Miss Lord will regale viewers singing "I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm". Hot Toddy comfort for all!

Miss Lord's red hot curls are a "Hollywood Canteen" JAMIEshow Convention exclusive wigcap.

Miss Violet Waters ("Hollywood Canteen" version as produced by Mel Odom and JAMIEshow) is aglow in "Shimmering Star" designed by George Sarofeen and produced by Ashton Drake. Miss Waters, famed for her exquisite voice, has chosen to sing "Deck the Halls" from her most recent album of Christmas classic songs.

Miss Waters selected a platinum "Claudette" wig cap to complement the opalescent shine of her silvery gown.

Miss Ivy Jordan ("Hollywood Canteen" version as produced by Mel Odom and JAMIEshow) gives Madra Lord a run for the money in "Ransom in Red" designed by Tim Kennedy and produced by Ashton Drake. Miss Jordan will amuse us all with her comical interpretation of "The Night Before Christmas".

A "Sofia" platinum wigcap beautifully highlights Miss Jordan's California suntanned complexion.

Miss Oona ("Hollywood Canteen" version as produced by Mel Odom and JAMIEshow) opted for the expressive "At Home for the Holidays" designed once again by the prolific Tim Kennedy and produced by Ashton Drake. Miss Oona will perform a holiday-themed magic act, bound to enthrall young and old alike.

Platinum tresses are the choice of these best coiffed stars.

Miss Marsha Hunt ("Hollywood Canteen" version as produced by Mel Odom and JAMIEshow) will make a special appearance in "Spellbound". And it is again Mr. Tim Kennedy the designer of the elegant gown and cape ensemble.

An ash blonde "Violet" wigcap balances the fuchsia and garnet opulence.

The special is scheduled to close with an emotional rendition of "Auld Lang Syne"sung by the icon of the Silent Screen, Miss Zita Charles ("Poised for Success" version produced by Mel Odom and JAMIEshow) swathed in the whisper-soft pink satin of "Blossoms in the Snow". The designer? Mr. Tim Kennedy, of course!

Miss Charles' ash-blonde Marcel Wave hairstyle is elegantly understated.

Dolldom wishes all its readers and friends a peaceful 1956 holiday season! And do not forget to tune in on Christmas Eve for Miss Gene Marshall's televised gala. 

For more on Gene Marshall and her friends, make sure to visit them at JAMIEshow Dolls.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Sweet Winter Home

When winter comes- be it with rain or snow- little beings stay dry and warm indoors. This year, to begin its annual celebration of wintertime, Dolldom features a humble and most welcoming folk art dollhouse, circa 1936.

It's the sweet home of several porcelain mignonette dolls by Swedish artist Katarina Karsberg and one big and fluffy Abominable Snow Monster by Liz Retros.

Poc (Secret Summer Chibi doll) is the self-proclaimed homebody of the group. He likes to stay indoors and daydream.

Liz Retros' Abominable Snow Monster guards the entrance and keeps Puli and Tipi (two mini Myling dolls) company as they enjoy the side garden.

Wico (a micro Myling doll) welcomes you at the entrance. His tiny baby doll has been sitting on the vintage bench outside waiting for you too.

Puli pouts...

...cause Tipi taunts her.

Little snowman Casper hides behind a vintage bottle brush tree.

But wait! Who are these two peeking out of the side windows?

It's Memen and Tomori (two Marbles dolls) playing hide and seek!

And nearby, under the Christmas tree, Jesusa (a medium Myling doll with closed eyes) sleeps the afternoon away.

Katarina Karsberg's magical world, where Myling, Marbles, and Secret Summer dolls live.
Liz Retros' boutique, where Beauty and Glamour reign supreme.