Friday, December 16, 2016

Sweet Winter Home

When winter comes- be it with rain or snow- little beings stay dry and warm indoors. This year, to begin its annual celebration of wintertime, Dolldom features a humble and most welcoming folk art dollhouse, circa 1936.

It's the sweet home of several porcelain mignonette dolls by Swedish artist Katarina Karsberg and one big and fluffy Abominable Snow Monster by Liz Retros.

Poc (Secret Summer Chibi doll) is the self-proclaimed homebody of the group. He likes to stay indoors and daydream.

Liz Retros' Abominable Snow Monster guards the entrance and keeps Puli and Tipi (two mini Myling dolls) company as they enjoy the side garden.

Wico (a micro Myling doll) welcomes you at the entrance. His tiny baby doll has been sitting on the vintage bench outside waiting for you too.

Puli pouts...

...cause Tipi taunts her.

Little snowman Casper hides behind a vintage bottle brush tree.

But wait! Who are these two peeking out of the side windows?

It's Memen and Tomori (two Marbles dolls) playing hide and seek!

And nearby, under the Christmas tree, Jesusa (a medium Myling doll with closed eyes) sleeps the afternoon away.

Katarina Karsberg's magical world, where Myling, Marbles, and Secret Summer dolls live.
Liz Retros' boutique, where Beauty and Glamour reign supreme.


  1. Lovely diorama! Your dolls look like they're having fun. Merry Christmas!

  2. I adore your tiny Christmas land and all it's wonder! Merry Christmas, Ernesto! Megin