Saturday, December 24, 2016

Dolldom's Holiday Wishbook

Who recalls the arrival of the Sears Wishbook? Or was it Spiegel's? Marshall Fields' or JC Penney's? Montgomery Wards'? Whichever tome made it to your childhood household, we are sure that you as a child (many of us still are) felt great excitement discovering the latest toy and doll offerings for the upcoming holiday. For Christmas 2016, Dolldom aims to convey the marvel felt by young eyes pouring over the photos of toys and dolls galore.

It's that time again! Sit in a comfortable chair and choose your favorites from Dolldom's Holiday Wishbook!

Ready for Spring Rain. A vintage 14" Sweet Sue Sophisticate by American Character promises playtime in the spring in her Tonner/Effanbee reproduction of Fashion Toni's wet weather wear.

Wind Me Up! A Russian-made wind up bear circa 1970s holds an nondescript object (missile, baby bottle) and drinks from it when wound up. Dolldom likes the odd too.

Belle poupée!  Anouk by Nav Sikand offers the feel and scents of 1960s European fashion dolls. Anouk wears a necklace by Joy Jarred. Anouk's hair was restyled by the master of hair Bobby Taylor at Pink Bubbles Doll Spa.

I Want a Pet Monkey! Options abound this year! From an organ grinder's companion to a small smiling chimp, no child will grow up without the company of the creature from whom he or she evolved.

I'll Dress You Up with My Love! Tammy by Ideal is the perfect choice for those who love to dress and redress and redress their dolls. Gorgeous high color blonde Tammy had her hair refreshed by the master of the flawless do, Mr. Bobby Taylor. Tammy wears separates from her line.

Sophisticated Lady. In everyone's wish list is a chic Séverine by Julian Kalinowski, dressed in black by Rosina Haskell for more drama.

Mod Bird! A Silsktone Francie is perfection when her hair is redone by Bobby Taylor. This style replicates one of Catherine Deneuve's looks in the film Belle de jour.

That's Our Baby Suzy Cute! Because every child should have a baby doll to develop life-giving and life-sustaining instincts. Made By Deluxe Reading, this little darling drinks and wets and raises her arms too.

Beauty in 3-D!  No Christmas morning would be complete without a Mary Magpie doll by Joey Versaw. Mary Magpie is the world's very first 3-D printed fashion doll that also comes with 3-D printed wigs. All of this computer generated reality then gets hand painted and assembled by Mr. Versaw. What a triumph of extremes! Mary wears a reproduction by Marirose.

Sneak Peek! Only for you, dear Dolldom readers, here they are: the mysterious trio known as the S Girls: Sylvain, Stella, and Sable. The newest venture of Julian Kalinowski, the dolls feature different face sculpts, all hand painted by their creator. Could the whole affair be more OOAK? Fashions by Clare Duncan.

Grand Finale. The vintage dream of Mel Odom closes our catalog of toy wonders. Gene Marshall and Trent Osborn, manufactured with focused attention to detail and quality by JAMIEshow Dolls, allow us to enter an idealized vision of Old Hollywood where one's fatigued psyche can take a rest and revel in its beauty. Dolls from this year's "Hollywood Canteen" convention.

May all your toy and doll wishes come true!

Resources for readers:

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  1. So lovely! It's hard to choose the one doll from this amazing wishbook :) Sylvain may be close to the top. I can't wait for more pics of S Girls.


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