Sunday, May 7, 2017

Peel Me a Grape

Joey Versaw's fantastic Mary Magpie is ready for spring. The ever-creative Mr. Versaw has created a new version of ultra limited edition dolls for 2017, one of which is "Up in Smoke" Mary Magpie.

Meant to evoke the style of vintage boudoir dolls from the 1920-30s, Mary exudes the attitude of a seasoned diva in her sparkly strapless jumpsuit and platinum tresses.

Mary Magpie, the world's first-ever 3-D printed fashion doll, continues to redefine what a fashion doll can do.

Mary Magpie's Boutique

Sofa by D. Cole for Retros
Bar cart by Morrison Studios

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Bruno, Bruno, Bruno!

There are times when one prefers to hide. To shun the exterior in order to enjoy, even for a little while, the pleasures of solitude. And so a doll's day of incognito goes...

But who is this character who plays cache-cache with the voluptuous collar of her hand knitted dress?

And who made the dress? It's all so mysterious! Perhaps if we follow her a tab bit longer, she will reveal her identity.

It's Sylvain! Julian S. Kalinowski's new character who along with her two "sisters" make up the new terrific trio known as the S-Girls. "Sylvain, darling who are you wearing?"

"Bruno Farfalllo pour Homme!" - Sylvain responds in her husky voice.

Of course! Bruno Farfallo by Lu Bodaczny offers luxurious hand knits to fit all shapes and sizes.