Saturday, May 6, 2017

Bruno, Bruno, Bruno!

There are times when one prefers to hide. To shun the exterior in order to enjoy, even for a little while, the pleasures of solitude. And so a doll's day of incognito goes...

But who is this character who plays cache-cache with the voluptuous collar of her hand knitted dress?

And who made the dress? It's all so mysterious! Perhaps if we follow her a tab bit longer, she will reveal her identity.

It's Sylvain! Julian S. Kalinowski's new character who along with her two "sisters" make up the new terrific trio known as the S-Girls. "Sylvain, darling who are you wearing?"

"Bruno Farfalllo pour Homme!" - Sylvain responds in her husky voice.

Of course! Bruno Farfallo by Lu Bodaczny offers luxurious hand knits to fit all shapes and sizes.

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